September 10-14

September 13th, 2018 by lodaniels

September 14

7th Grade

  • Bell work- Which balloon went the farthest, the big one or the small one?  Explain your answer.
  • Finished Newton’s 3rd law lab.

8th Grade

Bell work – Define

  • element
  • compound molecule
  • element molecule

Group activity classify the following as element, element molecule, compound element.

  • CO2
  • Ni
  • O3
  • NaCl
  • Li
  • O
  • Co2
  • H
  • H2O
  • H2
  • C6H12O6
  • Cl2

September 13

7th Grade

  • Bell work- Write down Newton’s 3rd Law in your own words.
  • Balloon Rocket Lab
  • Newton’s 3rd law lab (do only the balloon section)

8th Grade

  • Bell work- List one thing we talked about yesterday that really blew your mind.
  • Graded Counting atoms worksheet

Counting Atoms

Notes on  molecule structure

  • Element – A single type of atom. There are 118 currently known elements.
  • Elemental – Made up of only one type of atom.
  • Element molecule – 2 or more of the same atom combined in a set ratio.  O2 (gaseous oxygen) O3 Ozone, N2 (gaseous Nitrogen)
  • Compound molecule – 2 or more different atoms combined in a set ratio. H2O, NaClO (bleach), NH4 (ammonia)

September 12

7th Grade

  • Bell work –Explain why Newton’s 3rd Law is more evident in zero gravity.
  • Video of Michael Phelps swimming and Space Shuttle launch.  The first two pages of Newton’s 3rd Law lab are based on the videos.
  • Look up a video on someone swimming or a rocket launch to answer the questions.

8th Grade

  • Bell work- How small is an atom?
  • Watch the following Ted Talk. Fill out the chart below and answer the questions based on what you learn. Small is the Atom?

Atomic Size Model
With your partner discuss the following and come up with a prediction for each. After watching the video record the actual answer. How close were you to the actual answer?
If an atom is as big as a football stadium, how big would the nucleus be?
What makes up the majority of an atom’s volume
If a grapefruit was blown up to the size of the earth, how big would the individual atoms be?
Conclusion on Scale and Proportion of Atoms
Explain what proportion of the atom is made up of the nucleus, electrons, and empty space.
Explain the scale of an atom in comparison with things you can see with your eyes.

September 11

7th Grade

8th Grade

  • Bell work- Count the atoms in the following equations.


5 H2SO4

  • Last day in class to work on the Counting Atoms Packet.  It will be due THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th.  IF YOU ARE NOT FINISHED TODAY IT IS HOMEWORK.
  • Counting Atoms

September 10

7th Grade-

  • Bell work-What is Newton’s 3rd Law.
  • Finished Vocab from Friday.  (words are listed on Friday’s Blog Entry) They will be graded Wednesday, September 12th. They are homework if you are not finished.

8th Grade

  • Bell work- Count the atoms in the following compounds.



  • Worked on Counting Atoms Worksheet.
  • I have emailed a copy of this worksheet to your WSD student email.
  • Counting Atoms


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