Extra Credit Concert

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The Chamber Orchestra Ogden will be performing this Saturday, September 23rd, at 7:30 PM.

Public school music students get in for free.

If you attend, you will get 20 points extra credit.

Please click on the above link for more information.

Honor Band Auditions

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Here are the requirement for the honor band auditions on Thursday, October 5th.  It starts at 6 PM.

Audition Requirements

Major scales: G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab

Chromatic scale (students range up and down)

Short technical excerpt (get from Mr. Kinney)

Sight reading

Auditioning will get you 20 points extra credit.  Being part of the group will get you 200 points extra credit.

Instrument Rental Night

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Just a reminder that instrument rental night is tomorrow, August 23rd (Wednesday) in the Roy High School Commons from 5-7 PM.  There will be several local companies wanting your business.  If you want to rent from the school please follow the following steps:

  1. Check to see if I have the instrument available
  2. Fill out instrument rental agreement on this blog.
  3. Pay rental fee ($85) to the main office.
  4. Bring me the receipt and I’ll give you the instrument.

Welcome Back Razorbacks.

Rhythm Section

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Congratulations to the 2018 Jazz Band Rhythm Section.

They are:

Guitar: Chance Moran, Brock Stephens, Wyle Clemons

Bass: Gabe Fisher, Adric Cady

Percussion: Dylan Johnson, Shooter Smith

More Extra Credit

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Here is a chance for 30 points extra credit.  On Sunday, Feb 26, there will be a radio show featuring the group, the Dunmore Lasses.  It starts at 4 PM and is on KRCL.  If you listen and write down 3 song titles that the band plays and turn them in to Mr Kinney, you will get 30 points extra credit.

Soundtrack Quiz

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It is that time of year again!!  Time for the annual soundtrack quiz, brought to you by our wonderful orchestra teacher, Mrs. Williams.  You get one extra credit point for every movie you have correct on the list.  If you get all 50 correct, your name is entered into a drawing for movie passes.  Remember, you need to write down the movie title and not the song title.  Use family, friends, neighbors and any resource you can.  Have fun!!

Soundtrack Quiz

Razorback 2016 tenors

Razorback 2016 snare

Razorback 2016 bass

Razorback 2016 cymbals

Extra Credit Concert

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There is an extra credit concert this Thursday, Dec 1 at 7 PM.  It is at South Ogden Jr High and will get you 20 extra credit points.

Dear Students and Parents,

Due to the nature of music classes, a lot is accomplished in class that cannot be done at home.  This includes learning new music theory with extra insights from a highly trained professional musician and learning how to play cohesively as a group.  Any time that a student does not have his or her instrument or music, the student falls behind.  Also, this hurts the class as a whole because the other students are unable hear that missing instrument and the sound of the band is changed.

This is becoming a regular occurrence and has prompted me to add a classroom policy. Starting November 7th, three instances that a student is missing his or her instrument or music will result in a citizenship drop.  I will notify the student’s parents when this happens.

I want every student to enjoy playing music and to do it every day.  I understand that life happens.  I have extras of some things in my classroom.  If the student forgets something and they come and talk to me before class with a solution to his or her forgetfulness, I am more than willing to work with them and it will not count as a negative mark or loss of points.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Kinney



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Due to some technical issues, it will still be a few days until the videos for the fall concert are posted.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.