Kinetic Can Crushing

If you haven’t finished the Kinetic Can Crushing lab, I’ve attached the instructions for graph and the analysis questions.

Kinetic Can Crushing

If you were absent the day we collected data, use the data below to complete your assignment.

0.5 kg from 1 m = 10.9 cm

1.0 kg from 1 m = 9.9 cm

1.5 kg from 1 m = 7.9 cm

2.0 kg from 1 m = 6.2 cm

0.5 kg from 2 m = 9.5 cm

1.0 kg from 2 m = 7.9 cm

1.5 kg from 2 m = 6.7 cm

2.0 kg from 2 m = 4.0 cm

0.5 kg from 3 m = 8.4 cm

1.0 kg from 3 m = 7.0 cm

1.5 kg from 3 m = 5.7 cm

2.0 kg from 3 m = 3.2 cm

Layers of the Earth Notes

Attached are the notes we took on the layers of the earth.  If you were absent, please copy them into your science notebook.

Layers of the Earth

Energy Notes

Attached are the notes we’ve taken in class over the last two weeks.  If you are missing any of these notes, please copy them into your science notebook.

Energy and Waves

Rocks and the Rock Cycle Notes

I’ve attached a PDF of the notes we took in class this week.  If you have been absent, please copy everything in purple into your science notebook.

Rocks and the Rock Cycle

Chemical Reactions Notes

Attached is a PDF with all of the notes we have taken for the Chemical Reactions unit.  We will be scoring the notes tomorrow in class.  If you have missed any days, please copy the parts you are missing into your notebook so you can get full credit tomorrow.  The test on this material will be on Thursday.  I will give you a 3×5 card tomorrow that you can start working on in class, and we will have a review game on Wednesday.  Study hard!

Chemical Reactions for grading

Fizzing Whizbees Lab Design

Today in class we wrote up the lab design for the lab we will do tomorrow.  If you were absent, please copy the information from the attached PDF into your science notebook (in the Chemical Reactions section).

Fizzing Whizbees Lab

Chemical Reactions Textbook Review

Your assignment is to answer the following questions in your notebook:

Chemical Interactions Chapter 2 Review page L79-81; Page 79-80: 1-8, 11, 13-20; Page 81: 1-5

The assignment is due on Monday.  You will have all day in class tomorrow (Friday) to work on it.  If you don’t finish in class, the attached PDFs have scans from the textbook with the sections you need to read and the review questions.

L044-L081 Chemical Reactions – 46-53

L044-L081 Chemical Reactions – 56-63

L044-L081 Chemical Reactions – 66-71

L044-L081 Chemical Reactions – 74-78

L044-L081 Chemical Reactions – 79-81

Electricity Notes and Crossword

I’ve attached the notes that we took in class today.  If you were absent, please copy them into your science notebook.


We also started working on a Magnetism and Electricity crossword.  It is due on Friday.  It is attached below if you need to print a copy.

Magnetism and Electricity Crossword

Fire Triangle Textbook Reading

Today in class, we read the section from the textbook about fire.  Please read the attached pages.

L044-L081 Chemical Reactions – 74-78

Types of Chemical Reactions

Attached are the notes we took in class today.  Please copy them into your notebook.

Chemical Reactions 24-36

Also attached is the assignment we did in class.  It is due tomorrow.

Types of Chemical Reactions Worksheet

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