Math 7 – Retaking the Unit 2B Test

Dear Parents,

As I was grading the Unit 2B test I realized that the vast majority of my students did not understand the material being taught.  I have decided to reteach the material this week and have everyone take a retake test on Friday.  I am confident that all students will receive a better grade on the test and will understand the material as well.  If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Thank you,

                            Mr. Patterson

Materials Needed for Class

Materials Needed for Class:

1.  Filler paper for assignments.

2.  Composition Notebook for taking notes.

3.  Pencils.

4.  Colored pen or pencil for grading assignments (no black pens please).

5.  Scientific Calculator.

6.  Book Cover.


Welcome back to school!!!!