Comiccon At Wahlquist


Darth and Storm Troopers

Comiccon at Wahlquist

Eagles of the Month

Eagles of the Month

Eagles of the Month

Eagles of the month

CTE, Science, Fine Arts Departments

December, January, February

College & Career Week


College and Career Week

College and Career Week

Monday, March 2

Teachers post “Road to Success” forms                                                Guess “the teacher” prizes

Tuesday, March 3

Play fight songs at lunch                                                                                Prizes for winners

Wednesday, March 4

Trivia contest at lunch—college terms                                    Prizes for winners

Thursday, March 5

Field trip to the Weber State University and the Ogden-Weber Applied Tech College

Friday, March 6

Wear your favorite college t-shirt

Sign the “Where are you going to college?” poster during lunches

Fun Facts about local colleges and universities every morning. Pennants hanging in counseling center

7th Grade Career Day

Career DayGhost Buster

7th Grade Career Day will be taking place on April 22nd in Wahlquist’s Gym. Career day allows our 7th graders to listen to working professionals in a variety of different fields

Reality Town


Reality Town

Reality Town will be taking place Monday, April 13, 2015

This activity will be for all 8th grade students