Roy Track Meet Results

Wednesday Writing – Spider Woman

9th graders will be returning to our Wednesday Writing routine. The first one is due this Wednesday, April 17. Read the non-fiction article “Spider Woman” and write a one page response.

Non-fiction Literature Circles

9th graders are starting Literature Circles! The first quarter of the book must be read by Tuesday, April 30 so it is important to make arrangements to either check the book out from the library or buy it.

Here is the letter I sent home about Lit Circles: Lit Circle Letter 9

Survivor of the Poets

8th grade classes have split up into poet tribes to compete for the survival of the fittest in the 8th grade annual Survivor of the Poets competition. We will be going to the lab one last time on Monday. Use this day wisely to plan your pennant and your four days of competition. The lab will be closed after that, due to testing.

Here is the assignment sheet for the competition:


And the proposal form:

Survivor Proposal

The first proposal is due Tuesday, April 16.

Pennants are due Friday, April 19.

The first day of competition (Immunity Challenge: Mood Music) is Tuesday, April 23.




Poet Mentors

We will be starting the annual “Survivor of the Poets” competition very soon. Use the computer lab today to research some potential mentor poets. Each student should select a poet to do some quick research on. Make sure you get your poet approved by Mr. W. Then create a discussion in our forum on Moodle about your poet mentor. Include the at least the following information:

1. a picture of your poet

2. your poet’s name

3. your poet’s dob and dod

4. what place your poet is from

5. what syle of poetry did your poet write in

6. an example of your poet’s poetry

 The following sites will help you on your research:


After you have created your own disucssion, add three meaningful comments to other discussions.

Track Sweats and Paperwork

Now is the time to turn in your paperwork and order your sweats and tees. Orders cannot be placed after Friday, April 5. Go to between March 27 and April 5. They will have a “store” set up for Snowcrest Track where you will see what is available to order. You can select and pay for the items right on the website. There will be no shipping cost as they will all be picked up from the store prior to our first track meet and distributed at practice. Family and friends are also welcome to order apparel.

Comparison of Events

Today, 8th graders are finishing the Comparison of Events assignment. See the blog post at for more details.

Track Tryouts – Distance

Thanks to everyone who tried out for the distance events. The following people made the cut:

Keile Koford

Maggie Bushel

Ashtyn Parnley

Sadie R

Goldie G

Hilary K

Hannah Watson

McKenna Harris

Emma Hedges

Lauren N

Gabi Mortaroti

Kennadee Zubal

Tristan Kelson

Abbey Harris

Lexi Foos

Hanna Pippin

Kiley All

Julieanne Lewis

Paige Tallon

Sarah Hill

Mari Shupe

Ellie Nordfords


Matt Gunter

Dustin Deeter

Holden Froerer

David Richardson

Addison Hedges

Nicolahs B


Sam Good

Noah P

Porter P

Bryson Farley

Bronson B

Gus Verhall

Jake Whetton

Adam Mortenson

Mitchell Bajii

Brandon Foos

Andrew G

Spencer Anderson

Wyatt R

David Storey

Nic Siepert

Dax Kelson

Cooper Harrison



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