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Super New News 3/5/12 Environmental Center Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is our Environmental Center field trip.  Be sure to be to school on time.  The bus leaves at 8:30.  Please wear warm clothes.  Even though it is warming up, it is still cold in the mountains.  We plan on spending most of the day outside, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.  So please dress accordingly.  Wear boots, gloves, hats and snow clothes.  (coats, snow pants, etc.)  We recommend dressing in layers.  That way if you get too hot you can peel down to the next layer and still stay warm.  Also, please label all items of clothing: boots, gloves, hats, scarves, coats, even sun glasses.  

If you are a parent coming along with us, please dress warmly.  You will be outside most of the day with the children.  If you are not planning on buying the school lunch, please bring your own.  Please meet up in my classroom when the first bell rings.  We will organize carpools, get maps and get the names of the children that will be in your group.  Then you can either follow the bus up to the center or meet us in the parking lot at the center.

When we get to the center, we will have a 1/2 mile hike up to the lodge.  We will then have an orientation and be given directions on how to use the equipment.  Then we will have you go with your group to each activity on your schedule. We will have 2 activities before lunch and one after lunch.  Then we will head back to the bus.  Please make sure everyone in your group has all their things and please make sure they each get on the bus.  Then you can head home.  Also it is Weber School District policy that only your child may ride to or from the field trip with you.  Sorry – but that’s the rule I have to live by.  Thanks for your help.  It’ll be a great day!!!! 

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