Homework Helps

Remember that homework comes home every day except Friday and you must have a Parent’s signature showing a parent has checked it and helped the student fix their mistakes.

Math Strategies

Addition Strategy Videos – How Tos (Picture Proof & All Totals -Expanded Notation Down)

Need help with your 3 digit addition.  Click on the following link to view two cool addition strategies that really work!!!!!! 



Multiplicative Form of Addition:

567 = 5(100) + 6(10) + 7(1)
+65 =                   6(10) + 5(1)
5(100) +12(10)* + 12(1)**


6(100)+3(10)+2(1) =  632 (final sum)

*10 tens = 100      **10 ones = 10


Ken Garff Reading

Read 5 nights a week to earn one ticket or 7 nights a week to earn two tickets for the Ken Garff Road to Reading Bike Giveaway! Remember to turn in your weekly BEAD-A-READER slips every Monday to get your BEADS for prizes and your tickets for the Bike Giveaway!

Online Practice

Math Facts Practice!

Fun games from Expressions

Reading Vocabulary and Spelling Game

MacMillan/McGraw Hill

(These are not graded, they’re just here to help!)




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