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Weekly Theme:  Getting Involved

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Spelling and Vocabulary Games

         Click on

Book 2 Unit 1 Story 4

                                         “Here’s My Dollar”

                         Then select Research and Inquiry.




Click on the following link to view Spelling and Vocabulary Words for this week. 


Spelling #17 “Here’s My Dollar”  is not available at this time.

Click on the following link to play games with this week’s spelling and vocabulary words.

Spelling and Vocabulary Games  (click on Book 2 Unit 1 Story 4 “Here’s My Dollar”.



Spelling Test Friday, May 11.


Math Concepts

We are learning about Addition and Subtraction,Multiplication, Division,  Place Value, Numeration, Graphing Data and Probability, Geometry, Measurement Customary and Metric Units of Length, Volume, Mass and Temperature, Telling Time and Money, and Fractions

This quarter we are working on passing off multiplication facts up to 12 x 12, and Division fact  (Click on the following link to practice your math facts!)

Math Facts Practice!




Why Is Third Grade so Important?

Educators have discovered that if a child can’t read fluently by the end of third grade, he may not become a strong reader. And the road ahead will be much more difficult.

“In fourth grade, students start using their reading skills as a tool for learning other things,” said Dr. Sandra Baxter, director of the National Institute for Literacy. “They have to read well because the subjects get harder. Teachers have less time to help kids catch up on reading skills they don’t have.”

That’s why parents need to stay in constant touch with their children’s day care providers and teachers from kindergarten through grade three. It’s important to make sure that children’s reading skills are developing “on schedule”. In fact, research has shown that children who aren’t strong readers by the end of third grade are more likely to drop out of school later on. “We should all pay attention to that,” said Dr. Baxter. “Fortunately, the research has also shown us the best ways to teach reading, and how parents can make a big difference in helping their children learn to read.”  




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