Nov 27 2012

November 26-November 30

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Health classes are learning about tobacco this week.

1st Hour has student teachers for the tobacco and alcohol chapters.  Any questions can be emailed to Mrs. Denoyer and they will be given to the appropriate person.

1st Period – Tobacco Test on Wednesday

2, 3, and 6th Period – Tobacco Test on Tuesday

Midterms are due today.

All classes have a newspaper article due on Friday.  Also, Friday is a late start.

Nov 12 2012

November 12-16

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We will be finishing up our chapter on Personal Safety and playing a review game on Tuesday, test on Wednesday, and personal safety activities on Thursday and Friday.

One newspaper article is due on Friday for 1,2,and 3rd periods.  6th period won the disclosure contest so they do not have a newspaper article due this week.

Anyone who does not have their human sexuality disclosure turned into me needs to get them in ASAP!!!

Nov 05 2012

Week of November 5-9

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We are having a test over Weight Management on Monday.  Tuesday is sign up day and planning  for foods day.  Wednesday is Healthy Foods Day.  Thursday and Friday we will be starting a new chapter on Preventing Injuries.

1 Newspaper article is due on Friday.

Late start on Friday.

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