Feb 26 2013

February 25-March1

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We will be finishing up the healthy relationships chapter this week.  7th period will have their test on Tuesday.  All students who will be missing for the game will take their tests during 7th period on Wednesday.  All other health classes will have their test on Wednesday.  Remember…you will not have time to study in class so study the night before!!

The rest of the week we will be doing an activity and then starting our next chapter on communicable diseases.


No newspaper articles will be due this Friday!!  If you have articles missing now is your chance to get caught up and turn in late work.


Parents:  I will not be at parent teacher conferences until 2:30 due to basketball practice.  If you cannot make it after that time please email me and I will return your email as soon as possible.

Feb 12 2013

February 11-15

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This week we will be working on art therapy when dealing with mental issues.

We have a guest speaker on Tuesday talking about organ donation.

The rest of the week will be spent talking about eating disorders.  All health classes need to bring in one sock on Wednesday to participate in the activity that goes along with eating disorders.

The test over eating disorders will be on Friday.



Feb 07 2013

Newspaper Articles Due Tomorrow

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All health classes have 2 newspaper articles due tomorrow.

Art therapy on Monday.

Feb 05 2013

February 4-8

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We are finishing our Mental Disorders, Grief, and Suicide chapter this week.  The test for all health classes will be on Wednesday.  We are going to be working on Decision Making Skills this week after the test.

2 Newspaper Articles are due on Friday. Any late articles can still be turned in for points.

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