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13 Oct


Quarterly Reading Assignment (1)

Don’t forget to bring the book that you read this quarter for this assignment! If it is digital, you can just show it to me on your device.


09 Oct

Final Spark Word Entry:

Entry #6   Parent

These will ALL be graded in class on Thursday, October 12, regardless of whether or not you are finished. That gives you three days to catch up if you are behind. Each entry will be worth 5 points. For the list of the previous Spark Words, see earlier post.

09 Oct

Word of Days (#24-27):


Oct. 9   #24   fanatic  – person with extreme devotion to a cause

Oct. 10   #25   conspicuous – noticeable; obvious

Oct. 11   #26   conviction – strong belief

Oct. 12   #27   ignorant – lack of knowledge

Quiz Friday!

If you are missing a Word of Day Quiz, check the pink sheet I gave you. Word of Day Quizzes 2017-2018 Look at the bottom where it says “If You Are Absent For a Word of Day Quiz:” Must have these missing quizzes and all other work in by Tuesday, October 17!

04 Oct

The Hound of the Baskervilles (9th Grade):

In class, we have started reading The Hound of the Baskervilles. We will read the entire book in class, but if you miss a day, you’ll need to find a way to read what we missed. Come and ask me to check one out, go to the library to get one, ask me to come in during Titan Time to do so, or see if you can find a free version on Kindle or iBooks.

Today, October 4, we finished chapter 3 and there is a Hound Foil Test due tomorrow (Thursday). If you were absent today, come and ask me for this take-home quiz. :)


02 Oct

Spark Words! (8th & 9th)

Today, October 2, we did our fifth spark word in class. These should all be on the same document and we only have one more to go. On October 9, we will do our sixth and final Spark Word entry for the quarter and they are all officially due on October 12. Remember, these should all be on the same document that you will send to me to be graded.

Here are the topics we’ve done:

Spark Word Entry #1: Responsibility

Spark Word Entry #2: Patriotism

Spark Word Entry #3: Fun

Spark Word Entry #4: Hope

Spark Word Entry #5: College

Quarter 1 Spark Words

Each Spark Word Entry will be worth 5 points when turned in.

02 Oct

Word of Days (#20-23):

#20 Oct. 2 radical – extreme
#21 Oct. 3 enthrall – fascinate
#22 Oct. 4 impulse – sudden desire to do something
#23 Oct. 5 hoist – lift or pull up
Quiz Friday!

25 Sep

9th Grade – Two Argument Intro Paragraphs & Other News

Last week (Wednesday – Friday), we worked on writing introduction paragraphs to an argument essay. Students were to write two of these paragraphs, using two topics/claims that they’d already come up with. These were due today, Monday Sept. 25. We took the quiz on this today and will be moving forward. If you did not show me your two paragraphs or did not send them to my email, please do so as soon as possible.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be hearing Jennifer Nielsen speak in the library.

Also, please be sure to be reading your book for Quarterly Reading Assignment

25 Sep

Word of Days (Sept. 25 – Sept. 29):

#16   meager – thin, small, inadequate

#17   stifle – smother

#18   sustain – support, nourish, hold something up

#19   vigilant – watchful

Quiz Friday! Word of Day Quizzes 2017-2018

18 Sep

Word of Days This Week (Sept. 18 – Sept. 21):

#12   tranquil – calm, quiet

#13   ransack – search thoroughly

#14   delirious – temporarily confused and seeing imaginary things

#15   infatuated – carried away by shallow or foolish love

Quiz Friday!


Word of Day Quizzes 2017-2018

14 Sep

9th Grade – 15 Argument Topics and Claims!

In ninth grade, we have begun working on elements of argument. On Wednesday (Sept. 13), we discussed topics for argument and students were to come up with a list of at least 15 possible topics for argument. These could range from school topics, home topics, better brand of electronics, best superhero, or basically anything that could be argued. Thursday (Sept. 14) and Friday (Sept. 15) we will be working on Claim.

Here’s what you need to know about claim:

  • It is sometimes called a Thesis Statement.
  • In your claim (only one sentence), you must clearly state your side of the argument and three brief reasons to back up your claim.
  • Do not use pronouns such as or my in your claim. You should not refer to yourself at all.
  • You have to restate the topic within your claim – you cannot just put “Yes, because….”


Ultimately, dogs are better than cats because they offer more play, protection, and affection. (This claim clearly states that the writer believes that dogs are better than cats and it briefly lists three legitimate reasons why they believe that).

Your Assignment:

In Google Docs, write a claim for 15 of the topics that you came up with. Your claim must be in color and be written correctly, according to the rules above. We will work on this Thursday, Friday, and just a little on Monday. This needs to be sent to me on/before Monday, September 18, 2017

Here is an example of what your assignment should look like: 15 Argument Topics and Claims

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