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28 Nov

Argument Intro Paragraph Practice Sheet due 11/29 (9th Grade)

Today we reviewed claim and introduction paragraph for argumentative papers.

Intro Paragraph Practice Sheet due tomorrow, 11/29

Argument Essay Outline will help you with the above worksheet. Just follow the outline for the intro paragraph.

27 Nov

This Week (Nov. 27 – Dec. 1):

Word of Days:

#40   revoke – cancel, withdraw

#41   condone – overlook or excuse an offense

#42   refrain – stop oneself from doing something

#43   affluent – wealthy

Quiz Friday!


Spark Word #5 – Tolerance


This week (both 8th and 9th), we will be picking back up with argument writing.

20 Nov

This Week (Nov. 20 – 21):

No Word of Days due to short week.

Spark Word #4: Gratitude

These two days we will be learning/reviewing the 6 parts of a letter. Students will have until Tuesday at the end of class to write and get points for a letter they have written following the examples on pgs. 150-151.

13 Nov

This Week (Nov. 13 – Nov. 17):

Word of Days:
#36    clarity – clearness
#37    coerce – make someone do something by using threats or force
#38    incite – encourage or stir up (bad behavior)
#39   disposition – usual frame of mind; temperament
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Spark Word #3: High School

10 Nov

The Hound of the Baskervilles Final Assignment

After having read the book, we have just finished the movie The Hound of the Baskervilles. You must do one of the two following assignments – DUE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13.

The Hound Movie vs Book Essay   This one is for the students who had their permission slip signed to watch the movie and were there to watch it with us.

Hound End of Book Questions  This is for the students who didn’t get their permission slip in or were absent more than one of the days we watched the movie in class.

Both are worth the same amount of points and are the same amount of writing, so whichever you do is fine.

Image result for the hound of the baskervilles

06 Nov

This Week (Nov. 6 – Nov. 10):

Word of Days:

#32   instigate – urge someone toward a negative action

#33   pacify – to calm someone

#34   placid – calm, quiet

#35   incessant – constant, continuous

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Spark Word #2: Money


9th Grade: This week we will be finishing the Hound of the Baskervilles and will be watching the movie. Due to district requirements, in order for you to watch it with us, you must get your parent to sign a permission slip. I have attached the paper here or just have your parent write a note saying it’s okay.  Permission to watch the movie.docx Otherwise, I’ll be sending you to another classroom. (It seems silly, I know.)

8th Grade: Last week we worked on Claim statements. This week we will be building on that by plugging that in and writing introduction paragraphs to argumentative essays.

01 Nov

Quarter 2 Personal Reading Assignment!

Today we will be going to the library wherein the librarian will also assist in finding books. My advice: Find a fiction book and start reading. As you’re reading, think of the type of nonfiction book that may go along with it and find that along the way. We will also be going to the library next week for follow-up assistance in finding both a fiction and a nonfiction book.

If you have any questions, come talk to me :)

Quarter 2- Fiction%2FNonfiction

30 Oct

This Week (Oct. 30 – Nov. 3):

Word of Days:

#28   elated – very happy or proud

#29   transmit – pass something on

#30   vanquish – defeat

#31   clench – tightly close

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Spark Word Entry #1: Internet/Phones/Social Media

Start a new document for this quarter’s Spark Words. Remember that each entry must be 150+ words, 2 or more paragraphs.



9th Grade – This week we are continuing with reading The Hound of the Baskervilles. Character Analysis Sheets (yellow) The Hound of the Baskervilles Character Analysis due Tuesday. Also, make sure to be keeping up with your chapter summaries.

8th Grade – This week we will be studying elements of Argument, mainly claim and the introduction paragraph.

13 Oct


Quarterly Reading Assignment (1)

Don’t forget to bring the book that you read this quarter for this assignment! If it is digital, you can just show it to me on your device.


09 Oct

Final Spark Word Entry:

Entry #6   Parent

These will ALL be graded in class on Thursday, October 12, regardless of whether or not you are finished. That gives you three days to catch up if you are behind. Each entry will be worth 5 points. For the list of the previous Spark Words, see earlier post.

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