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23 May

SAGE Test Scores:

I received the final results from the SAGE Tests (the Writing and English Language Arts combined) and decided to post them to the grades as extra credit so that those students who have been asking what they scored will be able to tell what level they finished at:

10/10 – Level 1 (Below Grade Level)

20/10 – Level 2 (Approaching Grade Level)

30/10 – Level 3 (At Grade Level)

40/10 – Level 4 (Above Grade Level)

Adding these scores did not hurt any final grades and gave extra credit to the kids who scored over a level 1. Great job with these tests – my classes scored very well and I appreciate the effort that the kids put forth on this. :)

22 May

Last Week of School!! (May 22-26)

Monday: Read Epilogue of Watsons go to Birmingham. I will take extra credit points and any final late/missing work. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO TURN IN ANYTHING!

Tuesday: List differences between book and movie.

Wednesday: End-of-Year Questionaire.

Thursday: Finish movie. Closing assembly.

Friday: Last day of school – Short day!

Thanks for a great year, everyone!

15 May

This Week (May 15 – May 19):

Monday/Tuesday (A/B Days): Composition Entry 18 – This was the last one! You must have composition book turned in by Wednesday, May 17 (90 pts). Read chapters 11-12 in Watsons go to Birmingham 1963. Took Quarterly Commonly Misspelled Words Test pretest – the real test is Thursday, May 18. Commonly Misspelled Words 2016

Wednesday (Regular-day, short day): Quarterly Reading Log due Quarterly Reading Log 2016. Composition book due. Watsons chapters 13-14.

Thursday: Quarterly Commonly Misspelled Words quiz. Watsons chapter 15.

Friday: Watsons Chapter 15/Epilogue. Watsons Final Test

08 May

This Week (May 8 – May 12):

No more Word of Days this year! Great job on learning new vocabulary.


Monday/Tuesday: Composition Entry #16. Reviewed adjectives/nouns. Watsons chp 7-8.

Wednesday/Thursday: Composition Entry #17. Read and analyze “I Have a Dream” speech. Watsons chp 9-10.

Friday: Watsons Chp 11.


Upcoming due dates:

Final Seventh Grade Paper due to Moodle (online.wsd.net) by May 15 @ 11:55 pm. 35 pts. See previous post for details.

Quarterly Reading Log due by May 17. 50 pts. Quarterly Reading Log 2016

Composition Books due May 17. 18 Entries. 90 pts.

Quarterly Commonly Misspelled Words Quiz May 18. 30 pts. Commonly Misspelled Words 2016

May 22 is the VERY last day to turn in any missing work or take any quizzes you were absent for.


05 May

Seventh Grade Paper due to Moodle by May 15!

Today we started working on our Seventh Grade Papers. We brainstormed ideas of things that you could include in this paper:

  • favorite classes
  • friends
  • projects
  • athletics/clubs/after-school activities
  • family events/trips
  • religious events
  • things to improve on for next year
  • life lessons you’ve learned

Basically anything that you’d like to include in this paper about your life (in or outside of school) during this school year, you’re welcome to include! Remember to divide into paragraphs (including a conclusion paragraph), use proper grammar and capitalization, and basic sentence structure.

We will not be doing the steps of The Writing Process as a class and I won’t be giving points on them (notes, rough draft, peer review, etc); all I will be grading is your final paper submitted to Moodle (online.wsd.net) by May 15. Also, we probably won’t get time to work on this in class again, so you’re on your own to finish this paper and get it turned in. Show me the things you’ve learned this year (even without me walking you through the steps and having us do it all in class) and be responsible in turning this in on time.

See “Quarterly Life Papers” Tab above for information on what we’ve done with these so far!

Come in during Eagle Hour on Tuesday and/or Thursday if you’d like to use our Chromebooks to work on these.

01 May

This Week (May 1-5):

No Word of Days this week.

Tween Tribune Quizzes are being very glitchy over the last couple of weeks, so don’t worry about taking the quizzes anymore. Just do the comments. :)

We are now on A/B-Day schedule.

Monday/Tuesday: Composition Entry #15. SAGE Test Review. If you were absent, go through the following Powerpoint questions, answering them on your own piece of paper, then turn in. Sage Test Review. Watsons go to Birmingham page 55 to chapter 6.

Wednesday/Thursday: SAGE Testing – Library.

Friday (Regular Day): Watsons chapter 6.

24 Apr

This Week (April 24 – April 28):

Word of Days:

#89   prejudice – unfavorable opinion based on unreasonable feelings

#90   campaign – aggressive activities for a specific purpose

#91   muse – source of inspiration

#92   detect – to discover or notice

Quiz Friday!


Monday: Continue working on Civil Rights Slideshow.

Tuesday: Civil Rights Slides presentations for extra credit. Midterms due.

Wednesday: The Watsons go to Birmingham – 1963 Chp 1

Thursday: The Watsons go to Birmingham – 1963 Chp 2. Tween Tribune(s) due.

Friday: Word of Day Quiz. The Watsons go to Birmingham – 1963 Chp 3-4.

19 Apr

Civil Rights Slides:

In preparation for our next unit, you must create a Google Slides presentation about the American Civil Rights Movement using the following criteria:

  • Slide #1: Title slide which includes American Civil Rights Movement, your name, and your period.
  • Slide #2: Identifies and defines at least four key terms from this movement. Two of the terms must be segregation and discrimination. You can choose the third and fourth term.
  • Slide #3: What was this movement about and from about what years to what years did this take place?
  • Slides #4-5: Identify two key people from this time period. Must include several facts about them and why they were influential.
  • Slide #6: Identify one key event from this period. When/who/why did it take place?
  • Slide#7: Your overall thoughts on this movement and time period.

Other criteria:

  • You must have exactly 7 slides, no more, no less.
  • Each slide, including the title slide, must contain at least one image.
  • Everything must be written in your own words. You may not copy/paste anything from the internet on any of the slides. Research the material and then put it all in your own words.
  • Good grammar and capitalization is required.
  • Each slide, except the title slide, must contain at least 35 words.

This will be due to Moodle (online.wsd.net) by April 24 @ 11:55Pm. We will work on this in class until that date. On April 25, any students who would like to share his/her slideshow presentation with the class, talking a little about each slide, will receive 10 points extra credit.

17 Apr

This Week (April 17 – April 21):

Word of Days:

#85   ascend – to move in an upward direction

#86   secluded – sheltered, private, away from others

#87   recede – to move in a backward direction

#88   gesture – a body movement that means something (wave, thumbs-up, etc)

Quiz Friday!


Monday: Composition Entry #12. Catch-up.

Tuesday: Tween Tribune(s) in class.

Wednesday: Begin working on Civil Rights Slideshow.

Thursday: Working on Civil Rights Slideshow.

Friday: Word of Day Quiz. Composition Entry #13. Continue working on Civil Rights slideshow.


Please note: If you did not finish the SAGE Writing Test last week, you will be called in during one of the next few Edvisory periods.


10 Apr

This Week (April 10 – April 13):

No Word of Days this week due to SAGE Writing Tests.


Monday: Composition Entry #11. Review for SAGE Writing Test. *Compare/Contrast and How-To Essay due to Moodle by tonight at 11:55 PM.

Tuesday – Thursday: SAGE Writing Test in Lab #1.


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