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2) Check it when you are absent to see what you missed.

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Advanced Art

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Click the link the access the shared google drive folder for our class.




Still Life Google Drive Folder

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Face Test and Facial Proportions

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Many students are missing their face test, which is worth 100 points. Although we spent three days on this in class, many students can’t remember what this assignment is, so let me refresh your memory!


In class we learned the proportions of the face and how to space out the eyes, nose and mouth. After we finished, I checked your proportions and marked them off on your sheet. If you missed this, then you need to use the guide above to draw a face using correct facial proportions and then pass it off with me. Please draw the head large enough to fill most of the paper. If you can’t see the guide above very well, there are many tutorials and guides you can find online with a simple google search. Most of them are pretty similar.

Then, on that same sheet of paper, we erased the guide lines and shaded the entire face, including shading the eyes, nose, and mouth as nicely as we learned how to do in class. We added hair, ears, and a neck, and shaded all of them as well. This is the face test! If you need any additional help to make this up, please let me know and we can arrange a time during study hall or after school to make it up. Otherwise, this is something you can do at home or in your own study hall classroom.

Points will not be docked for late projects, but the sooner you get it done, the better.

Art 2 Still Life Folder

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Here is the link to our shared folder with our still life photographs.


3D Demo Videos

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If you missed a demo next week, click on the link to view the videos.

2D Color Theory

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Flu season is among us and many students have been absent due to sickness. If you have missed any of the demonstrations and discussions about color, I have posted all the videos online so you can watch them and get caught up on learning the concepts you missed. The link below will take you to a folder in the google drive and all the videos are in that folder.


2D Art: Value Unit

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Parents and Students,

We have been working on the value unit in class for the past couple weeks. Click on this link:  Value Unit   to see the list of assignments that this unit includes. As students complete assignments, they have me check them off during class. If the assignment is finished correctly and is high quality, I sign their paper and they can move on to the next assignment. We do not turn these assignments in, but we turn in the unit paper every Friday so I can update the grades on what has been passed off. If you receive a zero on an assignment, this means you did not have it passed off when I graded that assignment and you are therefore behind in the class. No worries! As soon as you finish the assignment, you can still receive full points. You can wait until the following Friday when we turn in our papers and I update the grades, or you can tell me during class while I am at my desk and I can update your grade. If you have fallen behind, you need to take some of the work home, to study hall, or come work in my room after school to get caught up. Do not wait until you have fallen so far behind that you can’t get caught up! If you forget to turn in your paper or are absent on Friday, you will get zero’s on your grade. Make sure you show me your paper during class so I can update your grades. Just because something is passed off on your paper does not mean it is in the grade book.

The value quiz is on Thursday. The quiz is on the terms below. Please study! It will take you 5 or 10 minutes, tops!




2D Art: Value Unit

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Right now in 2D art we are working on a value unit, which means we are learning about light and shadow and achieving the illusion of light in our artwork. The students are working hard to pass off skills that will help them do well on the final project which is a scratchboard. I’ve attached the unit sheet below which will be turned in for grading every Friday.

Value Unit

Value Quiz

I’ve also included the value quiz and the answers to the quiz are in this picture.


This is an example of a scratchboard.

RewstonTrixter.3 cross-fox-scratchboard

3D Art: Clay Box Unit

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We are starting our first unit that will involve making clay boxes with a relief carved lid. Below I’ve attached the unit sheet that includes all of the assignments and the approximate dates we will do them in class. It also includes a grading rubric for the final project. Please refer to this sheet to see what you missed in class if you were absent and to know what you are missing when you look on the portal. If you miss any days during this unit, you may be able to get caught up in class, but you may need to get a study hall pass or come after school.

ceramic unit

Here are some examples of lidded boxes made from clay.


This is an example of relief carving which we will do on the lid.


We will use an image transfer to draw the design on the lid before carving like this.


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