Disclosure Documents

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This is your first assignment! Disclosures are due on Friday, August 28 and are worth 20 points. I will not accept them after midterm because that’s just ridiculously late! If you are in 3D art, you will not be able to use any classroom equipment until the disclosure is turned in due to safety concerns.

Art 1 Disclosure Document

2D Art Disclosure Document

3D Art Disclosure Document Parents! Please read the section on fees and safety because those are important things to know about for this class.

Please print, read, sign and return to Mrs. Larsen. OR, you can send me an email or write and sign a handwritten note! Please make sure the student’s name is mentioned in the email or written on the note. I’ve had many emails and notes that I didn’t know who they belonged to! My email address is milarsen@wsd.net. Thanks!


Blind Contour Drawings

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Hello! Our first drawing assignment was a blind contour drawing. The idea is to try to match the movements of your eye with the movements of your hand. So you don’t look at your drawing at all, but you look at the object you are drawing and you slowly move your pencil on the paper to match the movement of your eye slowly traveling around the object. We turned these in at the end of class but there are several missing! I have quite a few no-names that need to be claimed. If you forgot to turn it in, please turn it in on Monday. If you need to make it up because you were absent or you lost it, just do two blind contour drawings of objects in your house and spend about 5 minutes on each!

Safety Test and Answers

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The formatting  of this post is not great, so the links below will open the test and answers in a pdf.

General Art room Safety Test

Safety Test answers

A.        Safety glasses are required at all times when doing what activities:

1 ______________________________      2 ________________________________

3 ______________________________      4________________________________

B.        In case of injury, no matter how slight, report it to 5_____________________.

C.        Never participate in 6____________________ in the Art room. This will result

in 7____________________ from class!

D.        Stand to one 8____________________ when starting the grinder.

E.         Do not use excessive 9_______________ while grinding, let the grinder do the work.

F.         You must be shown the procedure and operation of a machine by the 10____________

11_____________________ you are allowed to use it.

G..       Do not grind 12____________________ or 13____________________.

H.        When using rotating machinery, do not wear14 _______________, 15_____________, 16_________________, 17_________________, 18__________________, or 19_______________________.

I.         Where is the emergency eye wash station located? 20_______________________________________________________________

J.         Do not grind on the 21____________ of the grinding wheel.

K.        Where is the fire extinguisher in the Art room located?  22 ________________________________________________________________.

L.         23_________ is an acid. If you get it in your eye, 24 __________ it out immediately.

M.       Unless you are working in hand-building, you may not touch the 25______________.

N.        You are not allowed in the kiln room when the kiln is 26 ________________.

O.        According to Mrs. Larsen, horseplay means 27_______________________________!

P.        Never rush or take chances. Obey 28_________ 29___________ rules at all times.

Possible answers (all of these will be used once). Some of the questions require you to know the answer and thier answer is not listed below.

aluminum                       side                             all                                before                       teacher

firing                                ties                              pressure                    gloves                       horseplay

long hair                         pewter                      removal                    loose clothing          slab roller

Mrs. Larsen                    wash                          jewelry                      side                             lanyards

Flux                                  safety


Safety test Answers

1-4. (any order): soldering, breaking glass, grinding glass, grinding jewelry

5. Mrs. Larsen

6. horseplay

7. removal

8. side

9. pressure

10. teacher

11. before

12-13. (any order) pewter and aluminum

14-19. (any order): gloves, long hair, loose clothing, ties, lanyards, jewelry

20. by the kiln room

21. side

22. in the casting area

23. flux

24. wash

25. slab roller

26. firing

27. anything not working

28. all

29. safety