We read a cute book today.

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The title was “Have You Filled a  Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud. The kids really got excited about the concept of filling someones love bucket.

Fun Sight Word Practice

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Valentines Day 2 list 5

puppy all 5 list

Daily Planner

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Tuesday, January 17th
Read about Grandparents. Talked about what we like to do with family.
Practiced 3 letter blends like “spl, str”. These words will be on the spelling test.
Practiced reading sight words quickly. 3 seconds each.
In math we worked on using the fewest number of coins. For example instead of using 43 pennies we use 4 dimes and 3 pennies.
We talked about equal rights and respect for all people when we learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.
The art teachers came and taught us how to make a penquin.
Homework was sent home today.

How to do Brain Gym excercises

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Welcome Back to School

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We have been busily getting to know each other and setting high standards for our first grade class. We are very excited about this upcoming year and I am impressed with my students. One of the first standards we set is to show respect to each other by listening when someone is speaking. We also strive to always do our best work.

One of the goals at Farr West this year is to improve writing skills. For first grade this starts with proper letter formation and neatness. The easier time students have in writing letters neatly the better they are at getting their words and ideas down on paper. Some students have needed extra assistance undoing poor letter formation habits. As they bring home their penmanship papers please notice if they touch the lines (bump the lines), and start circular letters correctly. Thank you for your assistance! We are also writing about specific topics but these will be kept in a binder at school.

P.E. is on Thursday afternoon. Please have your child wear gym shoes this day.

Lunch is not until 12:30 so it is helpful to send a small healthy snack for them to eat during morning recess. (An apple, carrot sticks, cheese stick, grahm crackers, etc.) Please no candy and not extra to share around.

Homework will start coming home the 12th of September. Students will typically bring a folder home on Monday and need to return it by Friday.

Please spend 20 mins a night reading. I will send home 2 books a week that your child can read. These books review skills and topics being covered as a whole group. For some children they will be difficult to read. Read them together, at the same time with the child pointing to the words. For some children these books will be easily read. Please know I am challenging their reading skills and comprehension at school at each child’s appropriate reading level.

Other homework includes studying for spelling tests, a math worksheet, a reading skills page, and a story page. This homework should not take more than 10 mins. to do each night. If it does let me know and we will discuss some ways to make it a more effective and enjoyable experience.

Good Habits for First Graders

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□ Come on time every day ready to learn with good nighttime sleep and breakfast.
We work on the most important things right at the first half of the day.
Your child will miss something important every day they miss school.
□ Tie your shoes and zip your coat.
□ Zip up and button your own pants.
□ Hang up your coat and backpack.
□ Say your phone # and address.
□ Wash your hands well after using the bathroom and before eating.
□ Use good manners and respectful language.
□ Handle books with respect.
□ Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for a learning environment and recess times. Avoid flip-flops, sleeveless shirts, as well as fancy clothes and jewelry.
□ Don’t bring toys and purses to first grade.
□ Put names on everything that comes from home. (i.e. book bag, sweatshirts, jackets)
□ Have a reliable bedtime routine so your first grader comes to school rested, is well fed, and free from family worries.
□ Build daily reading into your nightly routine.