Proof Drawings

We have been learning how to do proof drawings in math. Here is an example of a proof drawing for addition.

4 comments to Proof Drawings

  • Aaron

    Awesome Demo, this is exactly what I needed to help my daughter with her homework tonight

  • Hi, I was wondering if I could use this video and insert it as part of an activeboard I am selling on TPT. I am still kind of new and dont want to infringe on anyone’s materials. Thanks for your input.;)

  • The video is not my creation. I am simply using on my blog. Under the Fair Commons portion of the
    Copyright law, teachers are allowed to use items found on the web for educational purposes. I’m doubtful if it would include using materials created by others as part of something that is being sold. Hope this helpds.

    Melodie Larsen

  • Hi, the video that you showed me helped my daughter for her homework. Thank you for making this video. 😀

    Yours truly,

    Bob Nieves

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