The Teacher Got Older

My Son’s Latest Painting

Check out my son’s most recent painting. I think it is amazing.

Mrs. Larsen’s Wonderful Christmas Gift

This is my new grandson, Caleb Larsen, born December 4, 2010. I sure do want to hold him! He and his family live in Tucson.

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Happy Birthday Mrs. Larsen

Claire @ 12 days old

My new little granddaughter Claire

New Arrival!

My newest little granddaughter, bron July 15, 11:45 a.m. Her parents haven’t yet decided on a name for her.

4th of July Fun

We went to the Larsen lot up Big Cottonwood Canyon for a few hours on the 4th of July. Everything was green and beautiful, birds were singing, chipmunks scolding, the stream gurgling, the wind whispering…a wonderful time. Later, back at home, we had a barbecue with additional family members, then watched the fireworks (we . . . → Read More: 4th of July Fun

Welcome, little one!

New little granddaughter, born this morning, April 2, 2009, 7 lbs 1/2 oz.

Kennedy Bernice Bohman

Check out today’s Standard-Examiner

Our class blog was mentioned in an article entitle “Reading, Writing, and Blogging” in the B section of today’s (Tues Feb 17) Standard-Examiner.

Tech My Class Video

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Summer\'s Here!

Vacation time! I hope each of you had a wonderful summer. You can see that I did!

Dear “Best Class Ever”,

Thank you for a wonderful year! I have grown to love each one of you and to appreciate your individual strengths. I miss you already. Keep in touch over the summer. . . . → Read More: Summer’s Here!


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