All classes will now also have a google classroom.

Auto Date Friday, January 12th, 2018

Be sure to check in at the google classroom too class work.

Math 1

Auto Date Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

There is an ALEKS assignment, and do lots of topics!  If you do more than 10 topics it is extra credit.


Auto Date Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

For 2nd Term, 10 topics are due each week by Tuesday at midnight, more than 10 topics per week are extra credit.  The Pie Goal on ALEKS is now 55% by the end of 2nd term for 2nd period, and 45% for 7th period.


Auto Date Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

You have the initial knowledge check due and now 10 ALEKS topics due each week, due on Tuesday nights at midnight.


1.1 Practice 1-step equations

Auto Date Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

1.1 practice worksheet 1 step


Art 1 Disclosure

Auto Date Monday, August 21st, 2017

Disclosure – art 1

Disclosure – Art 1

Instructor:  Mrs. Parslow; Email:

In Art 1 we will learn to draw what we see and appreciate and study the world around us.  We will explore techniques of creating art and being creative with the design, texture and lines.  We will acquire the terms, elements, principles and ideas of art design.

Progress grades can be accessed through the portal at Grading will be based on:  Doing quality work, being on task in class, care and clean up.  The teacher and student will collaborate on grading of projects.  The grading scale is A+ 97%, A 93%, A- 90%, B+ 87%, B 83%, B- 80%, C+ 77%, C 73%, C- 70%, D+ 67%, D 63%, D- 60%, F below 60%.


The citizenship will be based on attitude, behavior, preparation, care and cleanup of materials, and tardiness. I follow all school policies and infractions will affect citizenship marks including: no food, drink (except water), no gum, and tardiness.  Class rules are to show respect for the teacher, for others, for property and for learning.  There is an Art Fee of $15.00 for art supplies for taking this class. If you are on a fee waiver contact Mrs. Parslow by parental note or e-mail. The course overview and materials provided are as follows:


Topics and Materials for this course are as follows: (Some things may vary as needed.)

Art 1 course overview


  1. Art history
  2. Make portfolio
  3. Learn to see exercises
  4. Shading, value scale and apple
  5. Drawing and shading still life
  6. Drawing and shading Shoe
  7. Face proportions
  8. Self portrait
  9. Scale drawing
  10. Color the scale drawing
  11. 1, 2 and 3 point Perspective
  12. Pen and Ink techniques
  13. Cartooning
  14. Black board animal
  15. Color wheel
  16. Watercolor Landscape
  17. Watercolor subject
  18. Scratch board art
  19. Tessellations
  20. Clean room

I recommend that if you bring your own art supplies (none required) that you mark it with your name.  Most of your materials and work can be stored in the classroom, in the portfolio you make at the beginning of class.

The skills that the student will acquire taking this course are:  Art appreciation, Knowledge of some famous artists, Drawing, Shading, Color theory, Perspective and three-dimensional drawing, Cartooning and Inking, Basic watercolor and patterns.


Detach and return to Mrs. Parslow with the $15 art fee receipt.



Student signature for accepting the terms of this disclosure and the art fee.



Parent signature for accepting the terms of this disclosure and the art fee.

Math secondary 1

Auto Date Monday, August 21st, 2017

disclosure Math 1 2017-2018


Mrs. Parslow

Secondary Math 1; 9th Grade Math


Contact information:  Email


Welcome to our class! We are looking forward to spreading the fun of math!


Objectives: Students will be learning the Utah Common Core objectives using the Big Ideas Integrated Mathematics I program, which develops Algebra and Geometry skill and concepts, mental math reasoning and problem solving skills. We will also be encouraging a positive mindset towards mathematics.


Recommended classroom supplies:  Students are expected to come prepared for class each day.

  • paper (in a binder or notebook)
  • pencils (with a good eraser)
  • folder (to keep assignments)
  • notebook (for journaling and notes)
  • scientific calculator (optional)


Grading:  Grades will be based upon a percentage of total points as follows.

A+ = 97% up     A = 93-97%      A- = 90-92       B+ = 87-89       B = 83-86       B- = 80-82      C+ = 75-79

C = 70-74          C- = 65-69         D+ = 62-64     D = 58-61          D- = 55-57     F = 0-54


Citizenship:  Students are expected to follow school, district, and classroom rules. The citizenship grades will reflect attitude and willingness to adhere to classroom rules.

  • Safe
  • On time (3-4 tardies = N, 5+ tardies = U)
  • Act respectfully
  • Responsible (come prepared each day)


Classroom Procedures:

  • Show Work:  In order to receive credit for your assignments, all work must be shown with an answer.
  • Take Notes:  Students will be encouraged to take notes in class, which may be used on tests.
  • Absent Work:  Students are expected to make-up work for ALL absences. It is the responsibility of the student to get all makeup work. If absent when a test is given, students are expected to make arrangements to take it as soon as possible. Assignments will be posted on our blogs/google classroom. Please contact us to discuss extended absences.
  • Late Work: All assignments are due the following day unless otherwise specified. Any assignment turned in late will be deducted up to 50%. All assignments need to be turned in before the conclusion of each chapter/section for credit (prior notice will be given).
  • Tests:  Students may retake tests to improve their grade, but are expected to turn in test corrections first.
  • Grading: Grades will be updated on a regular basis. You can access your grades at MyWeber (the Portal) at
  • Cheating:  Cheating is a very serious infraction with will result in no grade on the assignment/test and a drop in citizenship. Parents will be notified.
  • Math tutoring is available after school Monday-Thursday until 3:30 by the Math department.

Monday: Mrs. Parslow room #206

Tuesday: Mrs. Stratford room #210

Wednesday: Mrs. Shaw room #209

Thursday: Mr. Bourgeous room #211

  • ALEKS: Students will participate in the online ALEKS program and will be part of their grade.
    • Students will be required to complete 10 topics each week and are due each Tuesday night by midnight.
    • Students will work toward achieving a progress goal each month.
    • Assignments and quizzes will periodically be on ALEKS.
  • The following movies may or may not be shown in class for educational purposes:

October Sky

Stand and Deliver

National Treasure

Hidden Figures

If you have an objection to any/all of these movies, please let me know so I can make other arrangements.








Mrs. Parslow

9th Grade Math


Please sign below to indicate you have visited Mrs. Parslow’s blog at or on this paper, and that you have read and discussed the disclosure information with your child.


Student’s name____________________________________            Class Period: ________________


Parent/guardian signature ______________________________________________       Date __________

Math 8 honors Ch. 7

Auto Date Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Ch. 7 over polynomials and factoring

7.1 p. 332; 1-29

7.2 p. 338; 1-23

ALEKS goal to know 80% of topics!

p. 345; 1-30

p. 346; 31-48

p. 352; 1-32

March 14th:  Pi Day!!!!!!!!!! Make a poster with your group to tell the class about what Pi is.  Each group is to bring a pie to share.  :)

p. 355; 1-18

Zero Product property p. 360; 1-19 on

Factoring by GCF p. 366; 1-24 on

Factoring p. 373; 1-38 on

End of 3rd term

p. 380; 1-29

p. 386; 1-25

p. 390; 1-17

Chapter Review p. 391; 1-35

Ch. 7 test over polynomials and factoring, study all the key ideas, you may use your notes.

Math 8 honors Ch. 12 Data Analysis

Auto Date Thursday, February 16th, 2017

12.1 p. 610; 1-24 Mean , Median, Mode

12.2 p. 616; 1-24

12.3; 1-29 Box and wisker plots

12.4; 1-22 Data Analysis

p. 635; Book Quiz 1-9

12.5 p. 641; 1-26 Scatter Plots and line of fit

12.6; 1-16 Analyzing lines of fit

Benchmark Quiz

12.7 p. 656; 1-13 Two-way tables

12.8 p. 662; 1-20 Choosing Data Display

Book Quiz p. 664; 1-7

Ch. 12 Review p. 665; 1-12

Test Ch. 12 over Data Analysis

Art 1 drawing on the right side of the brain

Auto Date Thursday, February 16th, 2017