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Hello!  I thought I would take a moment to tell a few things about myself.  I am from Rigby, Idaho the birthplace of television, and home to the Rigby Trojan basketball dynasty that from 1977-1996 won 7 state championships, had 3 state runner-ups, and 2 third-place finishes.  They have since brought home titles in 2012, 2013, and 2015 to restart the dynasty!

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When students ask those of us at T. H. Bell who are from the great state of Idaho why we are in Utah, I tell them it is part of our master plan for world domination!!!  We must infiltrate everywhere.  Even the great T. H. Bell who our school is named after, was an Idahoan.  You can’t escape us!

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I have been teaching at T. H. Bell for going on 21 years.  I received my Associate’s Degree in History from Ricks College, my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Idaho State, and my Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design and Instruction from Weber State.  I am married to my wife Julie, who is also from Rigby, and teaches at Snowcrest Jr. High.  I have one daughter named Ashlyn, and four sons, Drew, Trace, Rhett, and Mitch.  Social Studies is a great passion of mine, and I hope to be able to help you gain a better appreciation and understanding of your country and the world around you.




I grew up on a farm/ranch, and enjoy the outdoors and country life, but living in town hasn’t been so bad either.  Traveling is a passion of mine, and I go to new places whenever I can.  I have been to all 48 of the continental states, and just need Alaska and Hawaii to complete all 50.  Sports are a passion of mine, especially football, baseball, basketball, and tennis.  Music has played a big role in my life, and I am not ashamed to say I am a “trivia geek” as well.


 Pick your teams and root and cheer for them, but know the sun will still come up tomorrow if they don’t win.  Don’t be a bandwagoner!!!

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I love the 80s.  What a great decade to grow up in!!!

The 80s