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Favorite Music Videos

Here are some music videos that I enjoy, or that portrayed the “Spirit of the 80s”.  Although not that musically talented myself (I was a drummer in junior high), music has played a big part of my life.  I especially liked music videos that told some kind of a “story”.  There are a lot more awesome videos, but hopefully, these are “blog-safe”.  

Take On Me – 1985

The ULTIMATE music video, and my favorite of all time.

Billie Jean – 1983

Perhaps Michael Jackson’s most famous song.  Lesson: avoid groupies/stalkers.

Borderline – 1984

The first of Madonna’s record 38 Top 10 hits.  Lesson:  Don’t abandon your real friends.

It’s Raining Again – 1982

A great story of a nice guy who goes after the girl of his dreams, and gets her!

Owner of a Lonely Heart – 1983

A man fights back against sort of an eerie, futuristic “Big Brother” society.

The Promise – 1988

A great love song, featured at the end of “Napoleon Dynamite”.

Our House – 1983

A fun song about the craziness of raising a family.

Your Wildest Dreams – 1986

This is a great song about remembering your lost love, and trying to find them.

Time After Time – 1984

A timeless song by Cyndi Lauper.  Lesson:  Sometimes you just have to move on.

Always On My Mind – 1987

This is a very good dance song.  The hitch hiker in the video is creepy though.

Forever Your Girl – 1989

Paula Abdul was a Laker Girl at one time.  I like the kids dancing in this video.

I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues – 1983

A great love song from Elton John, one of the most talented musicians ever.

Hold Me Now – 1984

The best song from the Thompson Twins.  Lesson:  Quit fighting so much.

Don’t You Want Me – 1982

A huge hit from the Human League, during the second “British Music Invasion”.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – 1987

Whitney Houston had a huge hit with this one.

Funky Town – 1980

This was one of the last big “Disco” hits before the genre died out. (These are not the real singers.)

Drive – 1984

The range of emotions of the girl featured in this video is amazing.

Private Eyes – 1981

A great beat!

Crazy For You – 1985

One of, if not the best, love songs performed by Madonna.

True – 1983

Spandau Ballet was a group that was part of the “New Romantic” movement.

Something About You – 1986

A terrific song with a good lesson:  don’t make a clown jealous.

Bizarre Love Triangle – 1986

One of the best dance songs of the decade.  New Order had a lot of them.

Every Breath You Take – 1983

The Police had a huge hit with this song about stalking.

Karma Chameleon – 1984

Culture Club had several U. S. hits, but this was the only one to hit #1.

We Didn’t Start the Fire – 1989

Here, Billy Joel captured several historical events from the 50s to the 80s.

Breakout – 1987

The lead singer of “Swing Out Sister” really was a fashion designer.

Man in the Mirror – 1988

A terrific song about how people really can make a difference.

When I Think of You – 1986

Janet Jackson had her first #1 song with this hit.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – 1985

A huge hit from this British band.

New Moon on Monday – 1984

Duran Duran had a ton of hits in the early and mid 80s.

She Drives Me Crazy – 1989

The Fine Young Cannibals were huge in ’89, and then disappeared.

Rhythm of the Night – 1985

This family group hit it big with this song.

Union of the Snake – 1983

Check out the freaky “lizard people” in this one.

Cherish – 1989

Madonna seemed happy with the “mer-men” in this video.

Dancing in the Dark – 1984

Bruce Springsteen has never had a #1 hit.  This one stalled at #2.

Manic Monday – 1986

The Bangles are one of the most successful girl bands in history.

Hello – 1984

A very interesting story of how a blind sculptor “sees” her teacher.

Never Gonna Give You Up – 1988

Rick Astley, who sounds a lot like a soul singer, hit it big with this song.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – 1984

Some people have called this the “ultimate pop song.”  I agree.

Uptown Girl – 1983

Billy Joel actually was married to the “Uptown Girl”, Christie Brinkley.

With or Without You – 1987

The hit that really made U2 superstars in the United States.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – 1984

The “father” in this video was Captain Lou Albano, a professional wrestler.

Always Something There to Remind Me – 1983

A terrific song that you can easily sing along to.

Always Something There To Remind Me – Naked Eyes from Music 101 on Vimeo.

I Can’t Go For That – 1982

I love the “Blue-Eyed Soul” sound that Hall & Oates produced.

You Might Think – 1984

One of the most creative and entertaining videos of the early MTV era.

Brand New Lover – 1986

Not a fan of his dancing, but the beat in this song is great.

What’s Love Got to Do With It – 1984

Tina Turner made a HUGE comeback, starting with her first and only #1.

Come on Eileen – 1983

Falling in love with someone when you are little.  Check out their overalls.

Ebony and Ivory – 1982

A big duet from two superstars.  It’s kind of sappy, but still a great song.

They Don’t Know – 1984

Tracey Ullman is a comedian who tried singing.  Look for Paul McCartney here.

Animal – 1988

One of the best songs from my high school years.

Magic – 1984

This is a terrific summer song, and it never gets old.

Just Like Heaven – 1987

A big hit from this alternative group.  Lesson:  Hold onto your girlfriend!

All Through the Night – 1984

This is a performance from the TV show “Solid Gold”.  It is an awesome song!

Greatest Love of All – 1986

A terrific song from a beautiful and talented woman we never should have lost.

Radio Ga Ga – 1984

Just an amazing song.


Videos Outside the 1980s

Brave – 2013

Heart of Glass – 1979

Nothing Compares 2 U – 1990

One – 1992

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – 1991

Unwritten – 2006

Only Time – 2001

Torn – 1998

Ironic – 1996

I Will Always Love You – 1992

My Heart Will Go On – 1997

Dreamlover – 1993

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 1995

Another Night – 1994

Friday I’m in Love – 1993

Groove Is in the Heart – 1990

Rhythm is a Dancer – 1992

Everybody Dance Now – 1990

Fly – 1997

Ice Ice Baby – 1990

All Star – 1999

Black or White – 1991

U Can’t Touch This – 1990

Safe and Sound – 2013

Daydream Believer – 1968


Rose Garden – 1971