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Disclosure Statement


Mr. Thorngren – World Geography and United States History

452-4600     Room 25E


Materials Required to be Successful in the Classroom

1. Pencils/Pens 

2. Notebook or loose-leaf paper

3. Small folder to organize work

4. Colored pencils

5. I have a small bin to store notebooks

***Please, always come to class prepared. 


Academic Grades

A = 88 – 100%       (Skilled)              

B = 76 – 87%          (Proficient)                  

C = 64 – 75%          (Developing)                 

D = 52 – 63%          (Novice)        

F = Below 52%       (Failing)  


***Please use my BLOG to see assignments and to read announcements***

In World Geography, grades are broken down into 4 categories:

Classwork = 30%

Map Activities = 30%

Quizzes = 30%,

Student News Summaries = 10%

Your final grade will be determined by taking the total number of points you have earned in each category, and dividing that by the total number of points available. The overall grade will be a combination of the 4 separate categories .


In U. S. History, your grade is simply determined by taking the total number of points you have earned, and dividing that by the total number of points available.


Attendance, Tardies, and Citizenship

Students need to attend class on a regular basis.  It is difficult to make up assignments when class discussions and group activities are missed.  If a student is absent, it is up to them to find out what was missed, and what they need to do to catch up.  Extra credit points are only given for returning signed progress reports when I give them that opportunity.  I also post all lessons and copies of other assignments on my BLOG.  Students are also required to be to class on time.  If students are frequently tardy, their citizenship grades may be affected.  All students start out with an “S” citizenship grade, and it is only changed if needed.  At the end of each term, I assign a final citizenship grade.  


Late Work/Testing

Due dates for homework and other assignments are regularly announced and posted in class, as well as on my BLOG, so please watch for them. Work turned in after these dates will be accepted for partial credit. It is vital to turn your work in on time, and to be prepared for quizzes. Map Quizzes must be passed with a “D” grade or better (52% and above), and will be allowed to be retaken until passed. Until a quiz is passed, it will appear as a “0” in the grade book.  It is up to students to schedule a time with me to complete a quiz retake.  History Quizzes may not be retaken.


I reserve the right to work with all students on an individual basis. I am a firm believer that a child’s education is a three-way effort. Students, parents, and teachers are all responsible in the education process. I am excited about the opportunity to work with your student, and hope they will be actively involved in class. I try to create an atmosphere where students feel they can discuss issues openly, especially on days where we may discuss current events. If you have questions about the class, feel free to contact me. I have found that using e-mail tends to be the easiest way. I check it morning and afternoon. Thanks for your support in helping this be a great school!!!