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Student News and How To’s

Student News

On most days, we will begin class by watching a 10-minute current events program located at

Students are required to watch the program, and then complete a brief summary of what they saw.  These will generally be turned in on Fridays at the end of the week.  If students miss an episode, they can make it up by using the links to each day’s story that I will post to my BLOG at the end of the week.

Here is an example of a week of summaries that was well-done:




How to Do Notes and Maps

Taking Power Point Notes (Applies to 8th and 9th Graders)

       1.  Always put your name, due date, and class period on your work.

       2.  Do not try to copy down everything. You will only frustrate yourself.  Remember, they are on my BLOG, so you can always catch up.

       3.  Pay special attention to place names, names of people, or definitions.  If I repeat something, it is likely important to know.

       4.  If I mention a concept or idea you do not understand, please ask me to repeat it.

       5.  When you begin a new lesson, please start on a new sheet of paper, and title them with the lesson’s name.

       6.  Always save your notes so they can be used to study for quizzes.

       7.  Remember: K.I.S.S. (keep it short and simple) The notes you take are for YOU, and not for me. Do them as you see fit. They will be graded on quality and effort, and you will be self-grading them.


Completing Map Assignments (Applies Mainly to 9th Graders)

       1.  Always label your map(s) with your name, due date, and class period.

       2.  Use the atlas or classroom maps to do your work, or access the atlas from home.

       3.  Neatly label all countries, and any other items that are requested.

       4.  Neatly color each of countries, making sure the same colors do not touch.

       5.  After corrected maps are returned to you, file them away in your binder where they may be used to study for quizzes.