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Geography Videos

        The United States

Atlanta     Austin    Boston    Chicago    Dallas     Denver      Honolulu     

Houston    Kansas City     Las Vegas     Los Angeles     Miami     Nashville    

New Orleans     New York     Philadelphia     Phoenix     Portland     

San Antonio     San Diego     San Francisco     Seattle     Washington, D. C.


Acadia     Arches     Badlands     Everglades      Gateway Arch      

Glacier Bay     Golden Gate Bridge     Grand Canyon     Grand Tetons     

Great Sand Dunes     Hawaiian Volcanoes       Hoover Dam     

Joshua Trees     Mammoth Cave     Mesa Verde     Mount Rushmore     

Redwoods     Shoshone Falls     Smoky Mountains     Statue of Liberty     


       Canada and Mexico

Calgary     Montreal     Ottawa     Quebec City     Toronto     Vancouver     


Banff National Park     Day of the Dead vs. Halloween     

Eco Tourism in Cancun     Niagara Falls     Training to Be a Mountie   


          Latin America

Bogota     Buenos Aires     Cities of Central America     Havana     La Paz     

Lima     Montevideo     Quito     Rio de Janeiro     Santiago     Sao Paulo       


Anacondas     10 Fun Things to Do in Brazil     Amazon River Cruise   

Baby Sloth Orphanage     Carnival Parade in Brazil     Copan Ruins     

Easter Island       Gauchos       Learning the Game “Tejo”       

Ruins of Machu Picchu       Patagonia       The Mosquito Coast     

 Uruguay’s National Drink       Visiting the Cayman Islands        

Walking With Penguins



Amsterdam     Athens     Barcelona     Belfast     Berlin     Dublin

Florence     Istanbul     London     Madrid     Moscow     Paris     Prague

Rome     Stockholm     St. Petersburg     Venice     Vienna


10 Crazy Facts About Iceland       Arctic Foxes

Beautiful Danube River       Black Sea       Castles on the Rhine 

Dracula’s Castle For Sale       Ghosts of Chernobyl       Greek Islands

The Midnight Sun       The Rock of Gibraltar       Leaning Tower of Pisa 

Oktoberfest Fair Guide       Running of the Bulls

Secrets of Stonehenge       Small Village in the Alps

Vatican City       Vesuvius Destroys Pompeii



Addis Ababa      Cairo     Cape Town     Dar Es Salaam     Johannesburg    

Lagos     Luanda     Mogadishu     Nairobi     Windhoek City


Africa’s Serengeti     Camel Ride in the Sahara     Click Language    

Deadly Nile Crocodiles     The Great Pyramids     

Kitesurfing in Madagascar     Markets of Marrakech

Mount Kilimanjaro     The Okavango Delta     On the Niger River

Suez Canal & Aswan Dam     Trekking the Atlas Mountains


 Southwest and Central Asia

Baghdad     Beirut     Damascus    Doha     Tehran     


The Blue Mosque     Is the Dead Sea Dead


Southern and Eastern Asia

Dhaka & Yangon     Hong Kong     Karachi     Kathmandu     Mumbai     

Seoul     Shanghai     Taipei     Tokyo     


Beautiful Taj Mahal     Getting to Everest’s Peak    

Giant Open Air Laundry     Great Wall of China     Ice and Snow Festival     

Inside North Korea     Playing Cricket     Sacred Mount Fuji    


Southeast Asia and Oceania

Auckland     Bangkok     Brisbane     Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City    

Jakarta & Kuala Lumpur     Manila     Melbourne     Perth

Phnom Penh & Vientiane     Singapore     Sydney     Wellington


Adopt a Baby Orangutan     Elephant Festivals and Sanctuaries

Great Barrier Reef     Kangaroo Island     Magnificent Angkor Wat     

Spearfishing     Uluru     Women With Stretched Necks



Scenes From Around and Near My Family’s Farm and Other Aspects of Agriculture

The Farm in Spring     The Farm in Summer     The Farm in Fall

Farm Machinery     Feeding the Cows – 1     Feeding the Cows – 2

A Calf Gets an Ear Tag and Some Shots    Cleaning the Corrals

Milking a Cow     Moving the Cows to the Ranch at Kilgore

Harvesting the Hay Crop     Sprinkler Irrigation

Flood Irrigation – 1     Flood Irrigation – 2     Flood Irrigation – 3


Wheat Harvest          Silage Harvest          Potato Harvest

Cotton Harvest          Peanut Harvest

Beef Cattle          Dairy Farming          Hog Farming

Sheep Ranching          Chicken Ranching