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After nearly 10 years of use, I will no longer be using my BLOG, as our school district is no longer providing the servers to host blogs.  I have transferred many aspects of my BLOG to a Google Site.  My google site address is:

I may also be reached through e-mail at:

Thank you to everyone that supported and used my BLOG through the years!

The Simpsons – Going Strong Since 1989

You may want to re-think that decision to become a daredevil.

What parents won’t do for their kids.

Should the elderly continue to drive?

An “interesting” way to protect an endangered species.

Sticking up for your hometown is always a good idea.

A new move can be good.

Have you ever wondered what having a super villain for a boss would be like?

Being the new kid in a school isn’t always easy.

Nature can be brutal.

Always remember to vote.  Every vote does count! (Multiple times in Chicago!)

Farming is hard work.

Beware of mutant vegetables!

The evils of Big ToMacco!

Glasses or Laser Eye Surgery?  Big Decision

Do you have a sweet tooth?  I sure do.

Does the media ever distort the truth?  Umm, yes!

Cheaters never really win.

Counting on the family dog.

Always treat your neighbor’s pet with kindness.

I guess I am not the only one who hates dialing an area code when making local calls.

Is advertising directed toward young children?  You decide.


A Springfield Speakeasy


Home Brewing

Prohibition Ends


Sometimes, Malcolm’s family scarily reminds me of my own.

When good monkeys go bad.

Don’t make your brothers fight for wrestling tickets and then take out a girl instead.

Are girls actually easier to raise than boys?  You decide.

Don’t try and hide things from your parents.  They WILL find out.

Do any of you have relatives that don’t like Christmas?

If you have a painful tooth, don’t try to guilt your dentist friend into fixing it for free.

How far would you go to get revenge on pranksters?

Be nice to younger siblings, or they might try and get you back!

I may be a bad bowler, but not this bad!

Forgetting a birthday may have unintended consequences.

Don’t sneak out when your parents are already worried and upset about something.


Some Awesome Saturday Night Live Clips

(From when it used to be funny!)

What Might Happen if a Psychic Was on a Game Show

The Church Lady Argues With a Drunk Woman

Competing at the “All Drug Olympics”

Dumb Teenagers Give Dumb Answers on a Game Show

Chris Farley and “Focus on Beauty”

Do You Want to End Up in a Van Down by the River?

Yep, It’s Pat…

Be Careful Who You Invite to Your Party

Having Some Coffee Talk

Kerri and Kippy at the Olympics

Charles Barkley Getting Some Therapy

Debbie Downer Visits Disneyland

Snooty Male Receptionist

Get Your Amazing Car – The Adobe

A Cure For Baldness

Sometimes, a Little Extra Protection is Needed

The Jiffy Pop Airbag


Random Funny Clips

Be Careful Using Your Cell Phone in Public

Global Warming???

Would You Like a Snug Wow?

Watch Out for Psychotic Tomatoes

I Screamed When I Saw What You Did Last Halloween After Friday the 13th

Be Careful When Buying “Wilderness Girl Cookies” Late at Night 

Avoid Being a Moody, Whiny, Apathetic Teenager