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Mrs. Barker’s Constellation Project

We have been studying constellations in science. Although the positions of the constellations as they appear in the sky change over the course of a year, they are constant and predictable from year to year.
Please choose a constellation to study. There are 88 constellations, so you have a variety to choose from.
Write down the best time of year to view this constellation.
Does this constellation have a nick-name? If so, what is it?
Write a paragraph explaining where the name of your constellation came from. Does it have mythological ties? If so, tell me the story in your own words.
List a few of the stars within that constellation and how many light years it would take to reach of those stars.
Bring a homemade model or a self-made picture of this constellation.

Your project is due on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th.