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Disclosure Statement

Aug-26-2015 By ocunningham

Course Disclosure
Welcome to Math 7, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1!

Mrs. Cunningham Room 202
School Number – 801-452-4700 E-mail address –

Communication between teacher, parent/guardian and student is vital to your child’s academic success. Please contact me with any questions, concerns or just to brag about your awesome student. I check e-mails daily and make phone calls after school.
Materials: You will need to bring lined paper and a pencil with you every day. You will also need to have two Dry Erase Markers.
Homework: I do not assign homework on a daily basis but if the daily assignment is not finished in class they can finish at home and turn it in the next day.
Classroom Rules: Follow directions.
Respect yourself and others.
Be in your seat when the bell rings, prepared to work.
Keep hands, feet and all other objects to yourself.
Consequences: Verbal warning.
Conference with teacher.
Student/teacher calls parent.
Removal from classroom/ visit to vice-principal.
Late to class: I expect you to be on time to class every day. If you are late 4 times, you will receive an “N” in citizenship, after 6 you will receive a “U”.
Grading Scale: 100%-90% =A, 80%-89% =B, 70%-79% =C, 60%-69% =D, Below 60% =F.
Electronic devices: Cell phones may only be used during lunch and in between classes, in the halls. If you are using a cell phone in the classroom, it will be taken to the office and a parent will need to pick it up after school. Cell phones for calculator use is not permitted in this class.
I have read and understand the disclosure and agree to the rules and procedures.
Please sign the link on my blog.

Click Here to Sign Disclosure

Hello world!

Sep-14-2009 By ocunningham

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