Vintage Summer Vacation

It’s hard to believe that the year has come to an end! I have enjoyed teaching and getting to know every single one of you. Now get out and have some good old-fashioned fun-in-the-sun.

Be safe, read some books and drop in to say hello once in a while.

                                                                                                Blessings and joy!


SAGE TESTING – The End is in Sight!

Blog Watcher Bonus

We are a mere one day away from completing our last round of SAGE TESTING. To celebrate, there will be no more weekly homework assignments for you to worry about in English 7. Yes, tell all your friends and parents, AND take back one or two of the mean comments about me that have crossed your lips over the year.

We will spend our last weeks together reading and enjoying all of the things that make us love English!

Friday, we will ponder and vote for the book that you would like to enjoy!


Coming Up

Next week we move to A/B schedule in order to get the last leg of SAGE testing wrapped up. Plan on English testing on May 3rd and 4th. Please be sure to eat a good breakfast, get plenty of sleep, and be prepared to bring your A-GAME!

In preparation, we will have a short time of review to remind you of all the amazing things you know and have learned over the course of the year.

How To … Presentations

How To

We are wrapping up our final presentations tomorrow in class. We have had a great time watching everyone’s talents and have appreciated their instructional abilities. I am convinced that there are several future teachers among us.


Tweentribune – Due Sunday, April 30th

Van Gogh

A new tweentribune article and assignment have been posted in Google Classroom. This one is about the great painter, Vincent Van Gogh and the mystery surrounding some of his stolen paintings.

Remember, late submissions will lose half of earned credit.

BLOG WATCHER BONUS: Look at several pieces of his art and then choose one. Now write a piece of flash-fiction (no more than 350 words) using that picture as your prompt. Post your story here on the blog. Like the tweentribune assignment, this will be due by Sunday, April 30th.

UPDATE – AOW Procedure Change


Daily HeraldThe process for completing AOWs has been changed to a simpler and more streamlined process. In the past, students went straight to tweentribune.com, and posted responses in the comment box. Often, responses were lost or students became confused about login and passwords.

From now on I will assign these articles in Google classroom. These assignments will have a form to complete, as well as a link to the article that has been assigned.

Students should receive automatic updates when these assignments are due and will also be able to see due dates. I feel that this process will be much easier for all of us. Thanks for your patience as we incorporate our technology as efficiently as possible.


Informational Essay

Informative Essay

This week you have been given the task of determining a great topic for a “How To” Essay. Once you have completed the Graphic Organizer, “What does Instructional Writing Look Like, ” AND your list of important steps to completing the task, you will begin creating your Informational Essay Assignment in Utah Compose.


  • No less than eight (8) paragraphs
  • No less than three (3) revisions
  • Final score needs to be greater than 18 but shooting for at least 24
  • Final essay is due by Monday, March 27th.



We are on the tail end of the school year. This is an exciting and busy time in the classroom. There will be many tests assigned, field trips to sneak in, and a variety of other distractions.

Next week, we will begin our first round of SAGE Testing. This round will be the writing portion. Each of you will be expected to write an argument essay AND an informational essay.

Please do your best to be in class and well-rested. We will be in computer lab #3, Monday-Wednesday, March 27-30. Also make sure you get plenty of food in your bellies. Eat a good breakfast and show up with a good, hard-working attitude.


MOST OF ALL!!!! DO NOT STRESS! JUST DO YOUR BEST! You have all worked hard and I am confident that you have all the skills you need to do really well on these tests. If you are willing to do your best, your will be just fine!


vintage clock

The end of 3rd term is rapidly approaching. Friday, March 17th is the end of the term and the deadlines for turning in any missing work is Wednesday, March 15th.

If you finish work that is on-line, please send me an email or speak with me in person so that I can get your points in as soon as possible.

Additionally, I will checking off reading logs on March 15th. Make sure you have completed and logged the books that you have read over the course of the term.

NO RED INK – Cancelled!!!

No Red Ink

Since you all need time to work on your poems, I have decided to cancel NO RED INK for this week AND next week, due to the end of the term. Please use this time to produce an exceptional piece of poetry.

Additionally, please keep in mind that the end of the term is next Friday, March 17th.