Sorry, Wrong Number and Other Things!

Sorry Wrong Number 5

Please be sure you have completed slides 4 and 5 before class on Wednesday, October 25th.

Also remember that the term ends this Thursday. Any missing or incomplete work must be turned in to me at the end of the day today.

Final reminder – You can earn 5 extra credit points for attending the Halloween Stomp – THE WITCHES WOBBLE – tomorrow, Wednesday, October 25th from 3:30 to 5:00.


Short Story

Here is a friendly reminder about the Flash Fiction Contest. Pieces will be read in class this Thursday, October 26th. Winners will be sharing to a wider audience on Halloween, October 31st.

Remember, this is 100 words or less and must include an exposition, climax, and a resolution. Be sure to have a hard copy to turn in, along with the copy you will be reading in class.


Rogue Wave Slides 3-9: Due Tuesday, October 3rd

Rogue WaveIf you were not able to complete your slides in class, make sure you complete them at home over the weekend. I will be doing a notebook check next Tuesday, October 3rd.

To access the textbook online, simply go to the WSD main page, click on the Parents/Students tab, then find the HMH Collections under the Programs and Applications tab.

Also remember that the extra credit flash fiction is due by Monday, October 2nd.


THree Skeleton Key 2

Here is a chance for some extra credit. Take a look at the picture and then create a piece of “flash fiction.” The requirement is that you show a connection between your writing and the picture and that you use 150 words or less.

You can handwrite or type your story. However, HERE’S THE CATCH!  You must make sure it contains ALL OF THE ELEMENTS OF A STORY!

  • Exposition
  • Inciting Incident
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Falling Action
  • Resolution

Highlight each of these elements in a different color before turning in your original piece of writing. You must also create a color-key on the back of your story which indicates what each color stands for.

For example:

  • Blue = Exposition
  • Red = Inciting Incident
  • etc.

This opportunity will close Monday, October 2nd, by the end of the school day. You can earn up to 10 extra points, depending on effort and having fulfilled each of the expectations.

WEEKLY UPDATE – 9/13/2017


Daily HeraldBenchmarks are COMPLETE! Thanks for all of your hard work and sincere effort. Now that we have finished, we are moving into some fun stuff. This week we are setting up our interactive notebooks. If you are going to be absent, or have been absent, it is important that you get the handouts and bring your notebook up-to-date.

Additionally, we are focusing on the elements of story and plot line within short stories and novels. Please request a WANTED SLIP from me if you find yourself falling behind. This will be fast paced so that we can dig into our first class novel very soon.


We are nearing the end of benchmark testing so now we can start getting down to business. I’m excited to kick off some new things this year in the classroom. Beginning September 11th, we will be setting up our interactive notebooks and also diving into the new textbooks. It should be fun!


There will be a sub covering class on Friday. Mr. Pike is new to my classroom and I know you will all treat him wonderfully. Also, remember that tomorrow is spirit day so wear your green and gold loud and proud!!!

IS IT WORTH THE RISK? – 5 Paragraph Essay – DUE Friday, September 1st


Utah Compose is now up and running. This means that you will be submitting your essays tomorrow during class. If you still need to finish or revise, please make sure it is done before you arrive in class tomorrow.

This essay will earn a participation grade of 10 points – 2 points per completed paragraph. Future Utah  Write assignments will be graded according to earned points. We will spend some time in class reviewing and assessing strengths and weaknesses to improve our writing skills.




HomeworkDue to the upcoming Labor Day weekend, I will be extending the Blog Navigation Assignment due date to Monday, September 4th. This is an extra THREE days for you to take advantage of.

Personal questions may show up as wrong, however, you will be given full credit as long as you provided an answer.