Nov 30, 2011

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Math       pg 190 [1-25 odd]      due 12/1         Thursday

Language Arts   Subject=Noun/Predicate=Verb     [10 problems]     due 12/1         Thursday

Spelling Work  test 12/2         Friday

Problem Solving         Problem 13   [work & write up]    due 12/6         Wednesday


Welcome 6th Graders!!!

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Another week and a half and be begin a new school year!  Hopefully you are all as excited to begin the new year as I am.  I am looking forward to getting my new class list while I am sitting here in a technology workshop.  This is my 3rd class I have attended this summer, and I have tons of great new ideas that I am anxious to try.  If you happen to find this blog, drop me a note .  See ya on the 23rd, that is a Tuesday by the way.  Mrs. Lawrence :)

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Nov. 5, 2010

            Today Associates Degrees were awarded to:  Christan Buckner, Alec Burk, Esly Cabral, Chance Endo, Blanca Espitia, Aspen Hegstrom, Crystal Johnson, Sam Lecain, Terik Lopaz, Isabel Serna, Stephanie Vaughn, and Breonah Westover.  WAY TO GO!!!!!!  The rest of you keep up the hard work you are almost there!

Dracula Junior Vocabulary

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Dracula Junior

Home Page

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