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Welcome to the new year 2017-2018. Once again, I am looking forward to another great year. Making it a great year is not something that I can do myself.  I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Having a great year, for me, would be to see each of you experience growth. Growth in knowledge, in maturity, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and in your ability to solve problems. I know this can happen, but it will take work and effort. I will do my part to teach and to plug in humor, as needed. Your job will be to listen, take notes, do your homework, and do your best! So, if you come each day ready and willing to learn, I will come each day ready to teach. As this occurs, we will make this a great year!!!

The district is using a math program called, Engageny. This will be my 3rd year using this math curriculum. This math program does a great job of covering the concepts we are to teach in 5th. It will take some getting used to. Some of the concepts will be taught in different ways than you may be used to seeing. I will be posting links to videos on this blog, under the category of “Math” to help you as you do your homework. Thanks!!!

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