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STUDENT NAVIGATOR:  Have you taken the time to explore the student navigator CD that came with our new reading program?  If not, you may want to check it out.   This can be a great tool for projecting the information from the student text using your LCD projector.  The students can then choral read or practice echo reading as a class.  You are able to point out text features, vocabulary, pictures, etc. to the whole class.  Here are a few things to notice:

  • Most of the selections for the unit have an audio read-along.  Just click on the title to go to the text.   Click on the sound icon to begin the audio of the text.
  • You can highlight any portion of the text using the highlighter tool.  This tool is on the top toolbar and works just like a highlighter marker.  It creates a very fine line that can be used in many different ways during instruction.
  • There are shortcut keys that can be used to navigate the pages.  Click on the HELP button to find all of them.  Some of the most useful are C (table of contents), Page Up/Page Down (turning pages), and 1 (one-page viewing).

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