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22 Aug

Can You Match Kid Lit Creators with Their Desks?

Submit your response and let Ms. Hunsaker know how you did.
Get a treat for participating in our first Lion Library competition

Guess the Kidlit Desks Contest

Many of your favorite authors/illustrators of children’s/YA books have…

revealed their superhero costumes (2012).
read aloud bad reviews…of their own books (2014).
seen their characters collide in (phony) merged sequels (2014).
answered a Proust Questionnaire, kidlit-style (2015).

Now, inspired in part by a 1996 book called The Writer’s Desk and in part because I’ve apparently got a thing for desks, you’re about to see their workspaces. Actually, you’re about to guess their workspaces. That’s right…this time, it’s a contest. And there are prizes.

Read more and submit your answers for REAL PRIZES!

13 Jan

ALA announces new awards

(CNN) The winners of the 2016 Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, Coretta Scott King and other prestigious youth media awards were announced Monday morning by the American Library Association. Matt de la Peña is the first Latino author to win the Newbery Medal for outstanding contribution to children’s literature for his book “Last Stop on Market Street,” illustrated by Christian Robinson.

The book tells the story of CJ’s bus ride with his grandma, the child noting the economic differences he sees along the way and Grandma teaching him to appreciate what he has in his life and throughout the city.

The Caldecott Medal went to “Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear,” illustrated by Sophie Blackall and written by Lindsay Mattick. The book tells the real-life story of a World War I veterinarian who rescued a bear and named it Winnie, who eventually became the inspiration for the fictional Winnie-the-Pooh.  Read more

16 Dec

Best of 2015 Books List

Naomi Bates is a Young Adult librarian.  She posted a collection of the 2015 Best of the books list. How many have you read?

Check out the the Utah Beehive Book Awards too!

05 Oct

Overdrive Trending Titles

Harry Potter by J K Rowling

Harry Potter by J K Rowling

Best from Banned Books Week As Banned Books Week draws to a close, we’re highlighting our favorites to draw attention to banned and challenged books. Because books aren’t made to be banned. They’re made to be read. So, get reading, you rebel, you.

Weber School District’s Overdrive Catalog:
– Get Overdrive Information or contact the library staff

Pioneer Online Library’s Catalog (through Weber County Public Library)

 view our full list

18 Aug

Urban Legends Quiz

Take this online quiz and then check with Ms. Hunsaker for your prize!  Good luck!

Urban Legend Quiz

Urban Legend Quiz

15 Apr

Dystopia Fiction

Looking for a new book? Check out Dystopia Fiction

Many of them are on Overdrive too!

16 Mar

AP Test Practice and Review

After studying all year, the time is coming to take the AP Test.  Don’t panic!  The library has brand new AP Test prep books to help you study for it.
We have the many 2014 editions in the library and are expecting 2015 soon!


You may also go do practice tests online at the following        

04 Dec

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  When you need a break from academics, test your knowledge of Christmas greetings

world christmas

21 Oct

WSD OverDrive eBooks

Download books to your own device! Read on the run – in the store – anywhere you have a moment! Never worry about late fees and it’s free to our community!

enjoy ebooks

OverDrive Procedures:


Do you have a tablet, phone or electronic device but don’t have anything to READ? Try OverDrive, our new WSD e-book library.

Step to get to OverDrive:

1.  Get the OverDrive app for Android or iOS and download it to your device.


2.  When it asks for your library, choose either your SCHOOL or WEBER SCHOOL DISTRICT.

3.  Your login will be your normal WSD credentials.

4.  After you login, you will be directed to our e-book library.

5. Choose a BOOK!  Check it out, and you are READY TO READ!!!

If you have any questions, visit your friendly school librarian who would be happy to help you or answer your questions.


05 Feb

Kindle AUP

Check out a Kindle from the library.  Four different sets have popular titles all on one device.  See the available titles here.  A Kindle AUP needs to be signed prior to check out.Kindle AUP

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