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21 Oct

WSD OverDrive eBooks

Download books to your own device! Read on the run – in the store – anywhere you have a moment! Never worry about late fees and it’s free to our community!

enjoy ebooks

OverDrive Procedures:


Do you have a tablet, phone or electronic device but don’t have anything to READ? Try OverDrive, our new WSD e-book library.

Step to get to OverDrive:

1.  Get the OverDrive app for Android or iOS and download it to your device.


2.  When it asks for your library, choose either your SCHOOL or WEBER SCHOOL DISTRICT.

3.  Your login will be your normal WSD credentials.

4.  After you login, you will be directed to our e-book library.

5. Choose a BOOK!  Check it out, and you are READY TO READ!!!

If you have any questions, visit your friendly school librarian who would be happy to help you or answer your questions.


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