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22 Aug

Can You Match Kid Lit Creators with Their Desks?

Submit your response and let Ms. Hunsaker know how you did.
Get a treat for participating in our first Lion Library competition

Guess the Kidlit Desks Contest

Many of your favorite authors/illustrators of children’s/YA books have…

revealed their superhero costumes (2012).
read aloud bad reviews…of their own books (2014).
seen their characters collide in (phony) merged sequels (2014).
answered a Proust Questionnaire, kidlit-style (2015).

Now, inspired in part by a 1996 book called The Writer’s Desk and in part because I’ve apparently got a thing for desks, you’re about to see their workspaces. Actually, you’re about to guess their workspaces. That’s right…this time, it’s a contest. And there are prizes.

Read more and submit your answers for REAL PRIZES!

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