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05 Oct

Overdrive Trending Titles

Best from Banned Books Week As Banned Books Week draws to a close, we’re highlighting our favorites to draw attention to banned and challenged books. Because books aren’t made to be banned. They’re made to be read. So, get reading, you rebel, you. Weber School District’s Overdrive Catalog: – Get Overdrive Information or contact […]

05 Feb

Kindle AUP

Check out a Kindle from the library.  Four different sets have popular titles all on one device.  See the available titles here.  A Kindle AUP needs to be signed prior to check out.Kindle AUP

12 Oct

60 Apps in 60 Minutes

60 Apps in 60 minutes You can actually get through these in faster than 60 minutes if you need too, but check these out! They may not all be available for Android, but you will find some really cool things that you can do! Of course, programmers are adding more apps everyday, but it gives […]

18 Sep

Kindle AUP

Having a Kindle in your hands is like holding a mini-library!  They’re easy to use – you may adjust the text size and read the books with the text-to-speech option.  Read and sign the waiver, choose which collection of ebooks you want to check out, and you’re good to go! RHS Acceptable Use Policy:

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