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25 Oct

Research Process – Step by Step!

  A research project due? Learn what to do step by step! Evaluate your sources for credibility   Organize your notes Process what is needed and write the paper Visualising synthesis student from joymcg

12 Oct

60 Apps in 60 Minutes

60 Apps in 60 minutes You can actually get through these in faster than 60 minutes if you need too, but check these out! They may not all be available for Android, but you will find some really cool things that you can do! Of course, programmers are adding more apps everyday, but it gives […]

12 Oct

What do you do with the last minutes?

What do you do last few minutes of class?

26 Sep

Top YouTube Channels for Teachers

Ten YouTube CHANNELS for TEACHERS 1- TED Education 2- YouTube Education 3- YouTube Teachers 4- Buck Institute for Education 5- Pearson Foundation 6- Teaching Channel 7- ASCD whole child 8- Common Sense Educators 9- TED Talks 10- Edutopia

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