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Alan Hall on Leadership!

December 5th, 2011 | 1 Comment

All of our secondary administrators had the incredible opportunity on November 28th, 2011 to listen to one of the most innovative and exceptional leaders that this area has ever known. Alan Hall, founderĀ of MarketStar Corporation, a sales and marketing outsource company, met with and taught the principals of Weber District of what he called “Amazing Leadership” and “Time Tested Attributes for Success”. Some of the great teaching points that Mr. Hall presented are listed below:
Six Attributes of a GREAT Principal.
1. Position Outlook- you are the OWNER of the school. It is your job, as the leader of the school to feel and take ownership.
2. Regular Communication-know the good, the bad and the ugly….Don’t be in the dark.
3.Good Judgement- Differentiates good leaders from bad ones, develop the ability to make good judgements.
4.Fun- If you don’t have fun doing it…Get out of the business!
5. Friendly- Their is always a great regard for friendly people, I always choose to do business with “friendly” people.
6.Professional- Sometimes we don’t have all the data….GET the right data!
Time Tested Attributes for Success:
1. Know your Students- Who they are, their needs, their issues what and when they need to learn, support issues.
2. Take care of your students.
3. Hire the right faculty.
Seven C’s of Hiring the Right People
1. Competent- starting point only
2. Capable- of growing
3, Compatible- with you and the rest of school
4. Committed
5. Character
6. Culture-they fit with the culture of school
7. Compensation
Use the 360 degree interview- talk to their peers, their subordinates and most of all, their former students.
4. Value your Faculty- Value= the product + the price + the service + the warranty + the buying experience.
Establish a Winning Culture! The way we behave with each other. Critical to Culture:
1. Integrity
2. Industriousness
3. Student Focus
4. Results Driven
5. Team Work
6. Innovation
7. Community Involvement

We have great Principals in Weber School District, and we appreciate the influence and example of our outstanding community leaders such as Mr. Alan Hall!