Attendance Credit

Attendance Credit Policy

  • Absences:  5 absences in any class during any term will result in a loss of .25 units of attendance in each class involved.   Allowance may be made for pre-arranged absence, long-term illness, or absences beyond the student’s control.  Pre-arranged absences must be approved by administration.
  • Tardies:  Attendance credit will be lost if the student has 5 or more tardies in any class during the quarter.
  • Truancy:  Truancy is defined as being absent without parent, teacher, or administrative approval.  Two truancies in any class will result in the loss of attendance credit.
Attendance Credit Make Up
Students are allowed .75 attendance credit loss throughout their entire high school experience.  If a student receives more than .75 attendance credit loss, the student must complete community service hours AND pay a fine.  If attendance credit is not made up by May 1st of their Senior year, the student will not graduate.  Please see your  counselor for more information.

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