Multicultural Resources

Check out this great publication for New American and Minority students created by DFW International Community Alliance in Dallas.
Other Info:
You can have fun learning about other cultures around the world with this fun online multicultural dictionary.
With more than 2,000 links to resources, as well as hundreds of articles, the information here covers many issues dealing with prejudice. Start with the exercises and demonstrations to explore your own thoughts on prejudice. See a slide show of advertisements that involve prejudice and discrimination, find out what some of our presidents thought about slavery, and discover what you know about Native American history.
Anyone interested in learning or teaching others about different cultures around the world will find this web site interesting. The site can be viewed in English, Spanish, and French.
Great links to multicultural awareness activities.  Check your knowledge with multicultural quizzes.
Increase Your Multicultural Awareness…
  • Celebrate a Multicultural Holiday
  • Visit an Ethnic Art Gallery or Museum
  • Volunteer at a School or Agency with a Diverse Population
  • Attend a Church or Synagogue that Has a Diverse Congregation
  • Visit Your Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Learn a Foreign Language or Sign Language
  • Invite a Friend to Lunch Who Is Multiculturally Different From You
  • Take a Cultural Diversity Course
  • Go to an Ethnic Restaurant
  • Watch a Movie or Play with Racially Diverse Actors/Actresses
  • Listen to Music by Artists Who Are Multiculturally Different From You
  • Join a Club Committed to Diversity Issues
  • Have Chat Sessions Concerning Diversity Issues

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