Schedule Changes

Roy High School Class Change Policy

Class changes will be very limited after the staffing process has been completed for the upcoming year but will be considered under the following guidelines.

  1. There will be four days for schedule changes prior to school starting. Students will be notified of the scheduled dates in their registration materials. It is highly recommended that students take care of all schedule change request at that time. This minimizes the disruption of schedule changes to the educational process, eliminates the need for teacher signatures, and guarantees your student the opportunity to sit with a counselor to discuss their request.
  2.  Changes will be limited to enrollment numbers and space availability both in the class wanting to be dropped and in class the student desires to add.  The class change will be subject to a $10.00 fee.
  3. After school begins, class change requests will be limited to the first two A days and two B days (four days) of the first semester. During those four days, students may sign up in the counseling center to request a schedule change. Second semester requests will be reviewed at any time during the first semester up to, but not after the first two A days and two B days (four days)of second semester.
  4.  Students will have 2 days to get the required signatures.  Failure to return the completed paperwork within that time frame will result in the forfeiture of the class change request. The teacher has the right to question or deny a class change and may request a meeting to discuss the change.
  5. In the event that a student/parent requests a class change after the designated deadline of each semester, the student will be required to stay in the current class. The student may be offered/request a Classroom Intervention Form. This is designed to facilitate a classroom- based intervention to help the student work with the teacher toward successful completion of the course.  If all classroom interventions have been exhausted and a change is still necessary, a meeting will be held with parents/teacher/student/administration/and counselor to discuss the possibility of the class change.
  6. No schedule changes will occur after midterm of each quarter- including parent release.
  7. A student requesting parent release must be on-line for graduation with both academic and attendance credit. Students have until midterm to request a parent release.
  8. Counselors will work with students on a case- by- case basis.

If a change is approved, all work missed in the new class is required to be made up.  It’s not excused because a class change is done.

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