Financial Aid

How to Finance Your College Education
**Remember to complete the FAFSA application after January of your Senior Year!!  Go for more information**FAFSA process
Need Based Aid:
Grants:  PELL, SEOG, SSOG, ULF, etc.  Grants are like scholarships, you don’t need to pay them back.
Loans:  Perkins and Stafford Loans are low interest student loans available to those who qualify under federally established guidelines.
Work Study:  The work study program is also federally funded and provides part time on campus work opportunities from 5 to 20 hours per week.
Merit Based Scholarships:
Academic:   Usually based on ACT/SAT scores and cumulative GPA.
Private:  Businesses, civic groups, private endowments offer scholarships based on a variety of requirements.  WHS counseling emails some of these to your school email—check it weekly!
Leadership:  Based on student leadership—requirements vary widely.
Talent/Departmental:  Music, Theatre, Dance, Math, Science, Athletics, etc.  Contact individual departments at the Universities.

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