Whoo’s who in room 202?

Welcome back to Miss Phillips’ “Owl Star” Class! I am looking forward to a great year! It was awesome to see and meet most of you at back-to-school on Aug. 20th.  Remember we will have early out all week at 1:05 the first week of school.  Bring what supplies you can when you can & remember to bring back all the “important” papers as soon as you can. Let’s have a Spectacular year!!!

4th and final term of Second Grade

I can’t believe that we are into the last term of Second Grade for the school year.  It has been such a great year teaching your students and watching them learn and grow in many ways in their life. We have become very fluent readers, amazing at regrouping addition & subtraction, Superb spellers, fantistic scientist and amazing artists among other things.
Thank you for taking the time to read with your child each night. It is important to keep that routine throughout the summer so they continue to build on their skills and remain fluent. Remember to ask us questions when we read so we can work on comprehension and understanding.
We made a visit to McKay Dee Hospital to learn more about what goes on at a hospital if we needed to go. It was fun!!! WE got to become doctors and nurses and we even saw life flight!! We will be going to the Nature Center in April to learn more about birds. I hope that we all have a great Springtime and we work hard the next couple of months!!
Thanks for having such amazing CHILDREN!!!

We made it HaLf WaY…..

We have made it Half way through our 2nd Grade school year! We celebrated by bringing half of something to show and share with the class.  Some of the things we saw was: half of a cup, half a straw, a half a pair of scissors, mismatched shoes and many other creative things.
Make sure you check out our HALF PEOPLE when you come to SEP Conferences on January 30th & 31st.   We are having a book fair that same week so make sure you check it out!!
***Help us practice these concepts at home:
-counting money $$
– telling time
-Regrouping subtraction.

Thank you for helping us do our 20 minutes of reading each night and helping us turn them in on Friday each week.

You are awesome and amazing!!!  Keep it UP :)

October is a Spook-tacular Month

Whhhhhooooo knew we would have so much fun in 2nd Grade.
We have SEP Conferences on October 15 and 16.  Please make sure that you attend and bring your student with you.

We will be doing DESK-or-TREATING on Halloween day. If possible, send 24 treats with your student. It will be a fun day. We will be doing some in class activites. We will NOT be having a parent party that day or parents helping in our classroom. :)

Thank you for taking time listening and helping your child read at home.
**PLEASE remember to send your reading slips back each week.


We have had the chance to read and learn about the many people that help our community run.  We have learned about many of them that sacrifice daily to keep us protected and safe.
**Your child has the opportunity to INTERVIEW such a worker. It can be YOU, a neighbor, grandparent or relative.
**IT IS DUE BACK to school on FRIDAY, September 28th.

Welcome Back to School

Welcome to our G-R-R-Reat Second Grade Classroom
We are going to learn some amazing things and get Dog-gone Super SMART!

**Don’t forget to come to Back-to School Night on Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Remember to sign up for a conference if you want to talk to me on an individual basis.

See you Wednesday, August 22 at 8:25 am!!

School Supplies

Here are a few suggested school supplies your child will need for school:
*2 glue sticks
*paper towels
*pencils-NO mechanical ones please
*pencil box
*clorox wipes
*One 1″  three-ring binder

Please do not send markers or oversized pencil boxes