State Math Contest Practice Sessions:

Posted by rrippon on Jan 18, 2018

1)  Last Practice:  Mon. Mar. 5, 2:35 p.m.  State Contest is Thur. Mar. 8th at Weber State University

Thur. Mar. 8 meet in commons at 7:50 a.m.  Should be back before school gets out.  Good luck!

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2)  Topics/Handouts:    Permutations & Combinations, Factoring Trinomials, Special Right Triangles, Radicals.  Toolkit:  Area and Surface Area Formulas, Fractions, Decimals & Percents, Prime Numbers, Square #’s and Square Roots etc.

3)  Assignment:  2016 State Math Contest problems #27-34.  We will go over some of the solutions.  They will make much more sense if you have thought about and tried to solve the questions first.  You can see solutions here:  2016 Solutions    Have your parents and older siblings help you at home.  I would be happy to help you at anytime.

4)  Check out an Art of Problem Solving Math Competition book.  Get an edge on the competition.

5)  Winners of Countdown Round each week (buzzers):  Karlie Higley and Romney Patterson, Fisher Cooper, Tanner Johnson, Fisher Cooper, Karli Higley, Fisher Cooper, Karli Higley

6)  More info:  State Math Contest 2018 Weber State University




Back to School Night

Posted by rrippon on Aug 23, 2017


  1. Book cover (please, no tight fabric covers)
  2. Lined paper (please no spiral paper)
  3. Pencils, red pen or pencil for correcting
  4. Straight edge, Protractor, Compass, and Graph paper
  5. Scientific Calculator
  6. 3-ring binder for keeping handouts, notes, and homework 
  7. Internet access.  If no access at home, can use library and writing lab at school, or relative’s or friend’s house.


Math 7:  Big Ideas MathFor online book, lessons, practice quizzes and tests, click here:  Online Book Math 7   Be sure to select “Common Core”, not Common “Core 2014” in the drop down box at the top of the page.  

Math 8:  Big Ideas Math.  Math 8 Online Textbook  Be sure to select “Common Core”, not Common “Core 2014” in the drop down box.

Math Help:

1.   Most days before and after school in my room 2.   Math Lab and Tutoring.  See schedule posted in my room and in the hall. 3.   Links in online lesson book 4.    Great blackboard lessons on thousands of math topics

Blog: Check this blog for:

1.  Disclosure statements 2.  Find today’s and previous days’ homework assignments 3.  Special assignments, activities and/or instructions 4.  Internet links related to current topics in class

Awesome free online video help!

Posted by rrippon on Aug 18, 2014

This website contains excellent short video lessons on nearly every concept covered in your math class.  Check them out if you have missed a lesson or need a little extra help at home.

Common Core Math Help

Posted by rrippon on Sep 24, 2012

Click here for online instruction and math homework help:  Tips for Families

Letter from Weber District Math Supervisor:  Math Common Core Parent Letter


Having Trouble Getting Started? Motivating Yourself to Study:

Posted by rrippon on Jan 25, 2012

Click here for help getting motivated to study:  Motivate yourself to study.

What kind of job do you want someday?

Posted by rrippon on Jan 11, 2012

Match the skills you now have (or will have) with possible jobs.  Go here:  Select job skills you currently have or will acquire in the next few years.  Click GO button at bottom of page to see jobs that match your skill set.  This will help you make decisions about classes to take and new skills you need to acquire during the next few years.  Have fun!


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Welcome to my blog.  I am excited to be teaching at Rocky and look forward to a fun and rewarding year.  I have met many wonderful students, parents and staff members.

On the trail to Angel's Landing, Zion's National Park, July 2010