STEM Investigation Project 1.1.3

Here is the outline and bullet items to follow.
Remember at least one picture per slide, and one video somewhere in the whole presentation.
Also, make sure to check for grammar and spelling.

Have fun.

STEM Investigation

Unit 1.2 Key Terms and definitions

Unit 1.2 Key Terms

Measuring Pictures 1 & 6

measure picture 1

measure picture 6

Online Disclosure

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Career Development Application (CDA) #6

Today we discussed and watched some video clips of qualities/skills for lifelong learning and how they add to your stackable credentials.

Inventor – Bracket assignment

1.5.6.A Bracket (1)

Pegboard presentation assignment

1.5.5.b.A PegbdToyPresentation

REvit 1st Tutorial Assignment

Revit Exercise 1 sample tutorial

Common Safety Violations presentation

Machine Safety Demonstrations

The Band Saw
The Scroll Saw
The Drill Press
The Belt/Disc and Spindle Sanders