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27 Jan

7th and 8th Update! Canvas

Hi Everyone!  I have moved most of my course information to CANVAS.  Canvas is a program used by Weber State and by high school concurrent enrollment.  I am excited to help kids get used to this system early!  There is a parent log in (but I haven’t experimented with that yet – if you are brave enough to try it, let me know if it works!).  The students have logged in to the program and they know how (don’t let them tell you they don’t!).  Grades will still be available on My Student.  Thanks for everything!



03 Nov

Science Fair PLAN is DUE!

The science fair plan is due for 8th graders (optional for 7th).  It was due today but I will give them until Monday to turn it in!

Science Fair Signature Sheet


01 Nov

8th grade test/homework

8th grade paper due Friday!  The paper is about life without plastics and it counts as their test for this unit.  The instructions and form they need to fill out are all on google classroom.

31 Oct

MESA Meeting 10/30

Because this was the 5th Monday of the month (and usually we only meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays, this was a BONUS meeting.  We made cloud slime and sugar cookies.  For our next meeting on Monday, November 6th we will be designing t-shirts and campaigning for officers for the year.  If we have time we will get into the submarines!

IMG_4817 IMG_4816

31 Oct

7th Graders Organization of Life

7th graders are nearly done with their organization of life brochure and are about to begin dissecting frogs!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

31 Oct

8th Grade Plastic Investigation 10/30

8th graders have almost concluded their investigation of plastic.  They are finishing by putting these worksheets in their notebooks. Plastics all around us

26 Oct

7th Grade Organization of Living Things 10/26

7th graders are in the middle of filling out this booklet and answering how cells make tissue, tissue makes organs and organs make organ systems. Levels of Org Booklet

26 Oct

8th Grade Plastic’s Homework

8th graders are on a scavenger hunt for plastic (and it’s number and letter codes).  They are required to fill up the attached worksheet for class on Monday – there were at least 20 different plastics in class they could use to get started! Recycle Scavenger Hunt

13 Oct

8th Grade Extra Credit

The 8th graders have this opportunity for extra credit before the end of the term:

8.1.3 extra credit

13 Oct

8th grade chemical and physical changes 10/13

In 8th grade we have been learning about chemical and physical changes and today we conducted a lab where we tested mixing phenol red, calcium chloride, baking soda and water in different combinations and recording whether a chemical or a physical reaction occurs.

IMG_4685 IMG_4684 final assessment lab

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