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14 Sep

9/14 8th Grade

Yesterday and today 8th graders have been learning about and practicing measurements.  They started with length and are moving on to mass.


12 Sep

8th Grade Measuring Super Stars

The 8th grade class is working on basic units of measurements and how to make conversions.  They also measured their own height and at the end of the year they will measure again so we can compare!

Their conversion worksheet is due Thursday, 9/12

Conversion Chart

Metric Conversion WS

12 Sep

9/12 7th Grade Archaeologists

Hypothesis Formulations Due Thursday 9/12

Hypothesis Comparison Sheet to be placed in notebook

7th graders have moved on from the complicated idea of Independent and Dependent variables to a fun project where they can practice (and hopefully think critically) about the hypothesis part of science.

We are pretending to be archaeologists from different countries who find a broken tablet on a dig.  As they pull words out of an envelope they have to construct a hypothesis about what the tablet originally said.  As they pull out, or ‘discover’ more words they can update their hypothesis.  Once they know all the words they try to put it together and share with other groups to see if they came up with same or a different hypothesis.

Last we will compare our activity to how science is actually done!

10 Sep

9/10 7th and 8th grade

We are continuing to practice with our independent and dependent variables as well as our control and experimental groups.  Today we practiced along with Mythbusters to evaluate a few of their experiments:

Mythbusters Independent and Dependent Variable

We are also going to conclude this topic with one more practice sheet.  We will continue to develop these very important ideas through the year in both grades.

Expeerimental Design 001 Expeerimental Design 002

07 Sep

9/7 7th and 8th Grade

Today students are writing their lab reports on their bubble gum experiment.  This will be due on Tuesday 9/10.

Lab Report

06 Sep

9/6 7th and 8th Variables Practice


Today we continued to talk about variables and what they mean in science.  The students filled out a vocabulary page to put in the science notebooks using the word VARIABLE


Lastly we are practicing identifying variables and controls in experiments.  Some students were able to finish this in class today and some were not.  It is due 9/7/18 in class.

Sponge Bob Variables

05 Sep

9/5 7th and 8th Grades – Bubble Gum Lab

After student groups had finished drawing up procedures, they got to conduct their experiment on Bubble Gum!


On Friday each student will complete a lab write up and graph.

04 Sep

8/31 7th and 8th Grades

Today we attempted to recreate a paper contraption that was inside a page protector.  By doing this we learned about the scientific process.

Scientific Process

  1. Purpose: What are you doing?
  2. Research: Observing, google, finding out what others know
  3. Hypothesis: An educated guess about the results
  4. Experiment: Try it out!
  5. Analyze: Did it work?
  6. Conclusion: Write it all down.

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