Blogging Should be an Online Conversation

11:09 am Professional Growth

I love it when Blogs become a “conversation” between people with common interests. I am hoping that each of you will take the time to add your thoughts to our CTE Blogs this year.  In my mind this is how we grow and learn and, after all, isn’t that our goal with the Blogs?

For Example:   Today I read a newsletter that was e-mailed to me from Robyn R. Jackson at Mindsteps, Inc.  I had been fortunate enough to hear her speak last spring and had subscribed to her newsletter.  I was so impressed with her Fable of the Cow and the Mule that I decided to use it in my blog.  Before I started writing the blog, I e-mailed the link to several others.  Then I began to write.  As I wrote, I saw that I had an IM from Tara that said the following:

Tara Bell (7/28/2009 9:53:27 AM): Thank you for sending me that article. I actually did a blog on it.

(Oh, to be young again and to move so quickly.) I would encourage you to go to Tara’s Blog   and read her article.  The full fable is there along with the link to the TIP SHEET.  I feel certain that you will benefit from this information. Tara’s Blog has the links to Robyn’s website and will give you information on how to receive her newsletter.

Please use the following link  to reach more of Robyn’s Tip Sheets.  I remember sharing a few of them with you last year.  I hope you find them helpful.

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