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When I get a new copy of The Journal, I usually try to thumb through it quickly and see if something catches my eye.  Today as I thumbed quickly through the magazine, in the Here & Now section, one title caught my eye – Students Need to Know Learning Goals.

The following comment by Andrew Pass to an earlier article caught my attention

The part of this article (“Talkin’ About a Revolution, “ …….)that most resonated with me was when Karen Cator explained that by 2020 students should be able to get up in the morning with a clear sense of purpose.  They should know what they are going to do in the classroom before they get to the classroom. (Actually, they should not even have to go to the classroom to fulfill their learning objectives.) I think one of the major problems with much learning today is that students do not understand the goals they are trying to fulfill during the learning process. Students do not know what they need to learn, nor do they know why they need to learn it. Clearly without this knowledge they cannot feel pride for fulfilling specific learning objectives. One of the reasons that video games are so popular is that players know what they are trying to do, and they work to fulfill those objectives. Learning need to borrow this video-game trait  – Andrew Pass

His comment caused me to google the article and read the article.

I was sorry that I had not spent some time reading the on-line article when it came out. I realized I could have used some of the insight as I visited with the TRHS CTE teachers about learning goals (objectives). Below I have copied a small portion of one question and the answer that precipitated the comment from Andrew Pass.

Projecting ahead to 2020, what will students’ experiences look like?

Cator: We’re talking about the opportunity for students to wake up in the morning with a strong sense of purpose that they’re going to school because they are in the business of learning. They are empowered with their own device, their own learning record, their own feedback. They know what they’re going to do next without having to wait for someone to tell them. And they have access to the people around them—not just physically around them, but people who might be online, the experts, anyone who can help them get where they need to go. They will still go to a place and still have these people called teachers who are working with them and are connected with their work.

Roberts: In 2020, students will be able to learn no matter where they are. The whole playing field has to be leveled; the key to the future is that students will have the opportunities and resources to go as far as they possibly can as learners.

Bailey: There are going to be a lot of different ways that students get just-in-time access to the content, the instruction, and the extra assistance they need. Schools will continue to be hubs; they’ll just change in their roles. They will become more like communities where students get help from teachers. It will be a richer, more adaptive experience as the learning adjusts to the needs and styles of those particular students. I see some exciting innovations over the next couple of years.

I have now read the entire article.  The questions and answers are causing me to think about where our district, CTE, teachers, and students will be in the future.

Too often, when I use the word FUTURE, I tend to think it is so far past me that I do not need to worry about it just yet. However, a quick reality check for me is that I have two granddaughters in the 7th grade this year.  They will graduate in 2016. I plan on being with them to celebrate that special event.  It at times like these that I realize that I NEED TO SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE OF THINGS RELATED TO “THE FUTURE!”



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