Finding Something NEW!

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When we start a new school year, we often want “new” things – new clothes, new shoes, new hairdos, and of course, new lesson ideas. I opened my Google Search box and had some fun a few minutes ago. I found some great videos and images. They definitely will “spice” up lessons.

I clicked on Google Images and in the box typed “CTE”.  I discovered 1,500,000 (approx) images.  Did not have time to look at them all but felt I saw things that would make great posters, clipart, and powerpoint images. 

I then clicked  on Google Videos, in the box typed “CTE Pathways”  and took a look at what came on the screen.  The first several pages were all uploads to YouTube of Utah CTE Pathway videos. Then I began to see other states and their videos.  You might want to check them out.  There seemed to be several very good ones about the Culinary Arts Pathway.  Next I input “Career and Technical Education” and was surprised at the many extensions of this phrase that were offered.  I looked at about 10 different videos and realized that I had excellent material for our Advisory Lessons and our Career Day Experience here at Two Rivers. 

I would encourage each of you to explore Google Images and Videos for some “new” additions to your lessons and your classroom.  I look forward to seeing what you have found.