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Grant Harkness, TRHS Business Instructor, is always reading and forwarding articles of educational interest.  Today, he sent this e-mail to the faculty and staff:

How many of us have heard of this?  From this paragraph, what do you think of this?

 The concept of “Flipping the Classroom,” which involves having students learn independently from video-based lessons and do their “homework” in school with the teacher’s help, is gaining popularity — and a successful track record. It looks different in different classrooms and is also known as inverted learning. The practice has a wide variety of uses that are transforming student learning.

Needless to say he peaked my curiosity.  Googling, I found a Teacher’ Monthly articile titled, Flipping The Classroom,   http://www.teachersmonthly.com/index.php/2011/08/flipping-the-classroom

I hope that each of you will read the article.  Personally, I see this as another teaching tool/strategy for us to use.  I cannot imagine this working in all classroom situations every day.  Needless to say, the teacher would have to be well versed in the use of technology. The technology would have to be available for students to use on a regular basis.  And, the teacher would have to find the time to rework his lesson plans and student materials.

OOPS! As I reread the paragraph above, my mind kept thinking, “Am I writing about an On-line High School with the teacher being on the other end of a computer/website/e-mail/phone line?” I know it is a bit of a stretch, but…..

The last paragraph of the article seemed to really say it all:

 The Flipped Classroom is in tune with the Information Age, and requires a technical sea to swim in. It requires different skills from teachers, and over time teachers with these skills will thrive, and those without will fall by the wayside. Many commentators say the that Flipped Classroom will encourage a shift from The Sage of the Stage style of teaching to the Guide on The Side. I disagree. To my mind the teaching style best suited to the Flipped Classroom is the Meddler in The Middle. Teachers cannot sit on the sidelines, merely steering children in the right direction. Teachers need to roll up their sleeves, they need to mentor, to lead, to model, to understand each child’s problems and get their hands dirty sorting it all out! Teaching in the Information Age will never be achieved by standing on the side-lines. So, with teachers authoring digital instaructional content, and getting their hands dirty helping children process the information, will teachers be needed in the Information Age? YES!     

Dorian Love, Teacher’s Monthly, August 2011



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