Thank You WSU Concurrent Enrollment Office!

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Today I watched approximately 80 Weber School District Concurrent Enrollment students from four (4) high schools have a great time participating in an activity sponsored by the Health and Human Performance Department at Weber State University. Students from three (3) concurrent classes, Exercise Science, Intro to EMS, and Nutrition were invited to spend the day at WSU participating in five (5) breakout sessions related to degree pathways offered by this department.  Each breakout session focused on having the students totally involved in an activity that was essential to that area.  I was able to attend the Stress Session and relax on a yoga mat while learning several positions and the importance of breathing correctly.  I moved on to a relaxing massage chair and a Chi machine while having the importance of releasing stress explained.  My time in the Human Performance Lab saw me attempting three (3) minutes of “stepping” followed by a bone density test and a skin-fold test with someone explaining the norms for each test.  Other breakouts saw the students on the running track sprinting on the straight-a-ways and walking on the curves, playing street soccer and handball, and tasting some very nutritious foods.  Students also were treated to a great lunch and gifted with WSU back packs, t-shirts and informational material about the department and its programs/degrees.  Thank you, WSU Concurrent Enrollment for offering WSD students such a wonderful experience. The day was a tremendous success!


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