This Time It’s Personal

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Is this your child or grandchild?

In January when I saw this picture in The Journal, I knew I had to share this concept with others. The young girl with all her skills and interests was so typical of my own grandchildren. 

As I read the article, I was not convinced that this was something our teachers could do.  I did feel that the thoughts in the article were important concepts for us to think about.  Personalized Learning is a concept of the Technology Age and we are definitely there!

  • As Mark Edwards, superintendent of the Mooresville Graded School District (NC), explains, “Personalized learning can look different from hour to hour and from class to class, but there are some common threads. There are always high levels of engagement, high levels of differentiation, lots of opportunities for students to expand their personal interests through school projects, and a lot of collaboration.”

  • “The student, using technology, is better able to personalize their learning than a teacher is,” Thomas Greaves says. “Teachers don’t have time to sit down and study each student, each day, in each course to figure out what they’re going to do differently with them. Teacher-driven personalization ends up being very weak, with very few factors, whereas if the students are leading their personalization via technology, then their instruction can be personalized based on a hundred variables instead of one or two.”  This quote is from Thomas Greaves, CEO of The Greaves Group, an educational consulting firm.

Much of the Personalized Edcuation concept depends on a 1-laptop per 1 student ratio.  This is not often a something that can be managed in a public school setting. If I have caused you to wonder about this concept, the entire article may be read at

It’s funny how a picture can capture one’s attention and open their eyes to new educational concepts.




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