The Business of Educating Kids!

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This morning I opened the Standard Examiner and read an article penned by Brad Larsen.

During the summer before my second year at Weber HS, Brad came for his first day as an administrtive intern. He noticed that I was painting the teachers’ lounge and immediately went home, put on some overalls, and started helping me paint. What a first impression he made!

This same work ethic/self discipline was the the topic of the article in the paper this morning. Brad wrote:

Professionally, self-dicipline is a matter of breaking habits that break your business and building habits that build your business. In time, your ability to accomplish your goals will run on automatic pilot without the need to resort to excuses for inaction.

Here are some facts that will help you zero in on the power of self discipline:

  • Discipline is the process of geting organized and managing your time.
  • Discipline is the ability to stay focused on your chosen action path without detour, distraction or interruption.
  • Discipline is the ability to keep all agreements with yourself and with others, without blame, excuses or caving in to obstacles.
  • Discipline is the ability to show up on time, every time.
  • Discipline is the ability to complete important personal or business projects on schedule, even on budget.
  • Discipline is character driven, no emotion driven.
  • Discipline is the power to keep going forward when everything around you seems to be pulling you back.

If you would like to read Brad’s full article, it can be found at

It was easy for me to connect with what he was saying. After all, we are in the business of educating kids!

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